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7 Kingdom Come: Deliverance Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance you play Henry, the son of a blacksmith, during the civil war in Bohemia in 1403. Take on new challenges every day as you avenge the death of your family and explore the game’s massive open world. In our guide, you’ll find some helpful Kingdom Come: Deliverance tips and tricks to get you off to the best possible start in the dangerous Bohemian Empire.

1) Avoid fights in the beginning

At the beginning of the game, your hero Heinrich isn’t useful in a fight yet and doesn’t really know how to use a weapon. Therefore, you should avoid getting into fights in the beginning.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance tips

However, if you do get into a fight, keep moving to minimize your opponent’s hits. Also, try to combine heavy attacks with quick ones. This combination will help you succeed in the early stages of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

2) Honesty is not always the best policy

You can always let Heinrich take the honest path and fight the evil that way. However, there’s some additional content to discover if you get involved in illegal activities. The Stealth, Lockpicking, and Pickpocketing skills are particularly useful in this regard.

Such approaches also allow you to avoid the use of violence in some missions. Also, only about 2/3 of the side missions are playable without stealing. If you skip them, you’ll also miss out on some content.

Stolen items or loot from poaching can be sold for a lot of money via the fence network. If you’ve successfully completed a big game hunt, you won’t be able to sell the meat through a normal trader, but you can make a lot of money from the fur, antlers, etc.

If you don’t get caught, your actions will have no negative effect on the campaign. However, if you are caught, you’re at risk of being locked in a dungeon. Thanks to smart saving, you can almost always reload your save points.

3) Kingdom Come: Deliverance tips: Change your weapons

As a knight, the sword is your most important weapon, but it’s not always the best choice, like when you’re up against well-armored knights. However, the game doesn’t show you the best weapon for the situation, nor does it help you switch weapons. Also, in the tutorials you only fight with the blade. It’s up to you to try out other weapons such as clubs or axes.

The bow is another useful alternative to the sword and the other weapons mentioned, as you can use it to fight particularly strong melee opponents from a distance. You should always have it with you, as well as your arrows.

4) How do you learn and improve skills?

Heinrich’s skills in Kingdom Come: Deliverance can be improved through training. If you want to become a stronger fighter, you need to practice sword fighting. You can learn more about herbs by gathering herbs and turnips.

Some conflicts can be resolved peacefully later in the game by talking to the various characters beforehand. Skills can also be improved by paying a trainer. Improvements are also possible through knowledge gained by reading books.

5) How to learn to read

To teach Heinrich how to read, you must first complete the side quest “Mightier than the Sword.” In this quest, you travel to Rattay and visit the apothecary. He’s located in the west near the pillories. The apothecary will then give you information about a scribe in Uzhitz.

He’ll teach you how to read. His house is located in the north of Rattay, which is marked with a feather on the map. If you pay him 50 Groschen, he’ll teach you the art of reading. The scribe will ask you two questions after you’ve read two books. You should answer him with “Greed doesn’t pay” as well as “Nullus est liber tam malus”.

By reading non-fiction books, you will improve Henry’s rhetoric and he will read faster and more effectively. Skills can be improved by skill books. Henry reads the longest in bed. The books can be purchased from numerous vendors and can also be found among the well-read.

6) How to cure poisoning

Just like in real life, food in Kingdom Come: Deliverance can go bad and give you food poisoning. This happens with food that has a shelf life below 50. This is indicated by a heart symbol.

If the value has fallen below 50, the number will turn red. If you have food poisoning, a skull icon will appear next to your health bar.

Your health will continue to decrease over time until your poisoning is no longer active. The poisoning will get worse as your durability decreases. You can cure poisoning by sleeping in a bed. This will restore ten health per hour and cure the poison.

You can also buy an antidote from the apothecary. Instead of eating spoiled food, you should sell it to the vendor.

7) When should you eat and sleep?

In the beginning of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you don’t need to worry about sleeping and eating, but later on you should always keep an eye on the indicators next to the Health and Stamina indicators. The character window shows the exact meaning of the indicators’ symbols.

If Heinrich is hungry, you’ll get a message and you can eat something. However, you should refrain from eating spoiled food, as mentioned above. You can find a pot of free soup outside castles and towns if you don’t have any food or money.

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