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9 Essential Gord Tips and Tricks For Beginners

  • from PLITCH
  • 02.02.2024

The debut of the development studio combines role-playing elements with real-time strategy and city-building simulation. What sounds like a wild mixture at first, turns out to be an ingenious symbiosis of different genres. In our Gord tips and tricks, we’ll show you how to build a functioning settlement, manage your subjects, and deal with the terrors of the wilderness.

1) The basics


Typical for horror games like Gord is the sanity bar. You should always keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn’t get too high. Sending your villagers out into the unknown wilderness will have an effect on their psyche. After all, the world outside your settlement is dangerous and frightening.

gord tips and tricks: sanity

However, you have no choice but to explore and gather supplies. By illuminating areas you’ve visited several times, you can reduce mental decline. A brewery can even regenerate and replenish the minds of your settlers. If the sanity of one of your units drops to zero, it will flee and no longer be a member of your tribe. The death of family members can also have negative psychological effects.


You may remember the God simulation Black and White. The belief system in Gord is similar to the one in Black and White. The stronger the faith of your community, the more spells you can cast and the more powerful you are. To increase your level, you need to build temples and make sure people are praying in them.

It’s best to make sure your mythology has a good foundation early in the game. The spell levels you unlock will not only allow you to cast damaging magic, but also to heal, strengthen, and buff your charges.


Light is essential in Gord. Not only does it keep your Mental Health from dropping to zero, but it also helps you with other aspects of the game. Light sources allow you to see enemies and enemy creatures faster and better. It’s best to place light sources at regular resource-gathering points as well as along the paths that lead to them.

The paths leading to the outposts should also have enough light to make your people feel safe.


Horrors are deities found in nature. In every scenario you play, they will spawn somewhere on the map in the unknown wilderness and will sooner or later require your attention. At the beginning of the game they can be ignored, but eventually, they will start to weaken your settlers. You may also encounter them while exploring.

When this happens, chance will decide whether you should give them a gift, pay them a tribute, or perform a task for them. The latter can be as simple as performing a human sacrifice.

2) Explore your surroundings

From the very beginning in Gord, it’s important to explore your surroundings. It’s best to send a scout or axe-bearer immediately to get an overview of a new map. This will give you important information about the number of enemies around you, as well as treasures to be found.

You’ll also get information about potential gathering points and sources of raw materials, and you’ll be able to make a plan of where to place lights. There are also locations for merchants and side quests. Make sure your people don’t go back to their old jobs on their own. You have to reassign each task manually. By the way, this doesn’t just apply to exploring; even after your settlers have had a beer or a bath, you’ll need to give them new orders as their leader.

3) Pay attention to where your people are

This brings us to the next point in our Gord tips and tricks. Keep track of where your settlers are at all times. It’s not uncommon for them to venture into unfamiliar territory and expose themselves to danger. The hotspots may eventually move, or older hotspots may become obsolete over time, causing your people to move to new hotspots.

In such cases, always send a patrol and position fireflies. This will keep your followers sane and prevent them from dying prematurely. To avoid going alone, you can manually set the wayfinding for each unit.

4) Gord tips and tricks: Use the map features

As usual for a strategy game, the maps in Gord are procedurally generated. So at the beginning, you don’t know where your main targets, merchants, monsters, and treasures are. However, with the help of the map features, you can literally shed some light on the situation. Look for towers. Interacting with them will reveal much of the environment.

Once you’ve completed all the tasks on a map, you can send some of your charges to annex another settlement. Again, explore the new environment and take advantage of the map’s features.

5) Build a temple and a meadery as soon as possible

The Temple and the Meadery are the most important buildings of your village at the beginning. Therefore, you should build them first. The brewery will provide your people with beer and mead, which will not only quench their thirst but also restore their sanity. If you don’t want them to go mad and turn rogue, you should send them to the brewery regularly.

In the temple, you can learn various spells that you’ll need for both your settlement and your conquests. These include the ability to steal health from enemies, strengthen and heal your subjects, and remove the Fog of War. You’ll also learn how to summon an ethereal lure and increase your people’s resistance to darkness.

6) Don’t ignore or fight the Horror

While you don’t have to deal with horror at the beginning of Gord, you shouldn’t put it on the back burner either. Ignoring it will only make it more dangerous. It’s best to deal with it as soon as you feel ready and can meet its requirements.

Of course, it’s possible to simply fight the Horror instead of doing the tasks it gives you. However, we strongly advise you not to do so. The Nature God is extremely powerful and can finish you off faster than you’d like. If you want to know if you are up to it, the best thing to do is to save, attack, and then reload the game.

Possible horrors in Gord include the Ardaven, which can be found in the swamps and will probably demand a human sacrifice from you. Lauma usually stays in hilly areas and has the ability to heal itself. Morkul, similar to Ardaven, can be found in swampy areas but doesn’t usually require a human sacrifice. Other horrors include Leyin, Libera, Foehn, Aitvar, and Rusalka.

7) Upgrade whenever you can

Collected clay and metals can be used to upgrade your buildings. You should also make sure to do these upgrades to be armed against your enemies. The upgrades not only make your buildings more stable, but they also improve resource distribution and increase attack speed. In addition, upgrades allow you to unlock more spells and summons. So keep your Gord up to date.

8) Keep an eye on your resources

Numbers are important in Gord, and one of your most important tasks is to keep an eye on them and plan accordingly. Make sure that you don’t reach the limits of your storage capacity. If you reach the maximum of a resource, it can be useful to withdraw the corresponding workers and reassign them to other tasks.

Also, resource sources are not inexhaustible. They will eventually run out. Therefore, keep an eye on their remaining value and your inventory and build your strategy around it.

9) How to get more people

Nothing works without people. There are only two ways to get new settlers: Either you find some, or you wait for your villagers to produce offspring. The latter happens when your community’s health is high enough. Once a child is born, it can help the adults with their work. However, you can’t give them specific tasks yet. Child labor is forbidden in Gord! As time goes by, the little ones will grow up and become adults themselves.

A faster way to increase your population is to explore. There are cages with prisoners all over the map. If you manage to free them, they will join your settlement and work for you. However, recruiting isn’t without risk. The cages are guarded by enemies, and if things go badly, you will lose more people than you gain.

Survive in Gord with PLITCH!

The indie adventure is a fascinating single-player experience that breaks new ground with its unconventional gameplay mix. With our Gord tips and tricks, you’ll have a solid foundation to get you started. However, the extensive micromanagement can slow down the game speed considerably. PLITCH’s Gord cheats can help.

Get as many resources as you need for your settlement at the push of a button or fill your subjects with faith. You can also replenish your gold reserves, and thanks to the stealth mode, exploring the wilderness is child’s play.

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Happy Gaming!