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Baldur’s Gate 3 Companions Guide

  • from PLITCH
  • 23.01.2024

You’re not alone in Larian’s Dungeons & Dragons RPG. Up to ten very different characters can be found and added to your active party. In our Baldur’s Gate 3 Companions Guide, we’ll show you where to find them, what they can do, and how to recruit them.

1) What are companions?

When you created your character at the beginning of Baldur’s Gate 3, you were presented with several pre-defined characters with complex backstories. All of these, and a few others, are available in the game and can be added to your party. The location of each potential companion is always the same. However, they can be missed, killed, or angered if you make the wrong decisions.

When you’re out and about in the game world, you can take up to three companions with you in addition to your character and engage in battles with them. Your active character can be switched at any time, so when approaching NPCs or triggering actions, it’s best to choose the character whose abilities match the situation. It’s also possible to get romantically involved with your companions.

2) Which companions are available and how do I unlock them?

There are ten potential companions throughout Baldur’s Gate 3, who can be found in the same locations but can be recruited in a variety of ways. Once they’ve joined your party, you’ll find them in the camp.

When you approach them there, one of the dialog options is to ask them to join your active party. If you already have four people in your party, you’ll need to ask one person to leave before you can add another. They will then remain in your camp.


baldur's gate 3 companions guide: lae'zel

To meet Lae’zel in Baldur’s Gate 3, go to the Roadside Cliffs waypoint at the side of the road and head north. Near a cage, a tiefling is arguing with his companion about what to do with their prisoner. She is none other than the warrior you’re looking for. You now have several options to free her and win her as your companion.

You can either engage the tieflings in battle and defeat them, or you can convince them that she is a danger and that they should let her go. In the latter case, your success will depend on your charisma and your luck with the dice. Once the two have left or been defeated, shoot an arrow at the cage and the recruitment conversation with Lae’zel will begin.

The companion is best used in melee combat. She belongs to the Githyanki race and is a good warrior with great wisdom. Before you can invite her to your party, you’ll have to meet her in the prologue, near the mindflayer.


Speaking of mindflayers. There is an inactive waypoint near the crash site of the nautiloid you were trapped in. You can recognize it by its bright purple seal color. Interacting with it will trigger a cutscene in which Gale appears. He’ll ask you for help, or to be more precise, he is stuck and you need to pull him out of the seal. If you succeed, he’ll offer to join your team.

Unlike the other Baldur’s Gate 3 companions, however, he will cost you something at regular intervals. In the early stages of the game, he suffers from a disease that can only be kept at bay by bringing him artifacts to consume. Fortunately, many pieces of equipment and weapons count as artifacts, so be sure to have some on hand.

Gale is a wizard with a high Intelligence. Use him in ranged combat and let him cast magic attacks on your enemies.


The barbarian Karlach is easy to overlook in Baldur’s Gate 3. The easiest way to find her is to recruit her after Wyll has joined your party. He is also looking for her and can give you a clue as to her whereabouts. This is a bit west of the Emerald Grove. As soon as you meet Knolle you’re at the right place. Defeat her and trigger the conversation with Karlach.

To ensure that she actually joins your party, you must not have killed the tieflings in the Emerald Grove. After all, they are of the same species. The problem with this is that you’ll most likely turn Minthara against you. It’s therefore impossible to have both in your party at the same time.

Karlach has a very high Strength stat and is good at melee combat in Baldur’s Gate 3. She can also act as a tank, absorbing some of your enemies’ attacks while you cast spells with ranged fighters. In combination with a supporter, such as Shadowheart, you can replenish her health and ensure that your opponents keep their distance from your ranged fighters.


Speaking of Shadowheart: She can be recruited by the mindflayer inside the nautiloid in the prologue. Find a rune there to free her from her prison. Later, after the ship crashes, you’ll find her sleeping on the beach. Once you wake her up, she will ask you to help her find a cure for the parasite in your heads.

But even if you haven’t found or freed her from the nautiloid, she can still join your Baldur’s Gate 3 party. You’ll find her near the Overgrown Ruins waypoint by an abandoned chapel. As mentioned above, she is a good healer and can cast useful healing magic. The Cleric of Shar is half high elf and will slowly reveal her secrets throughout the game.

She is best used in ranged combat. Although her constitution is quite good, her charisma and intelligence leave a lot to be desired. It’s better to use another character to talk to NPCs.


You’ll definitely meet Wyll during the main story of Baldur’s Gate 3. You’ll meet him when you arrive at the Emerald Grove and protect the inhabitants from the goblins. After the conflict is over, head inside the grove to the area known as The Hollow. The wizard is training some tiefling children there. Talk to him and he’ll offer you the chance to join his group.

The Baldur’s Gate 3 monster hunter has high Dexterity and Charisma stats. His Strength and Intelligence are less pronounced. It’s unlikely, but not impossible, that you will find Karlach before he does. If you do, Wyll will greet you at the camp during your next major rest.

His starting skills include History, Intimidation, and Persuasion. This makes him a good choice for starting negotiations or discussions with other NPCs. He’s also a famous person in the world and has the nickname Blade of Frontiers.


Jaheira is one of the characters in our Baldur’s Gate 3 companion guide that you can’t add to your party in the first act. You’ll first meet her in the Shadow-Cursed Lands area of the Last Light Inn. No matter what decisions you make there, she will not join your party yet. She will only come to your camp on her own during the main quest, just before you complete the second act.

You can’t miss the half-elf, but you won’t be able to select her until the second half of the game. As a druid, she has high wisdom and the ability to talk to animals. She also masters athletics, is adept at dealing with nature and can intimidate NPCs. Unlike most companions, she is not one of the original characters.

If you want to get the most out of her, it’s best to focus on Wisdom and use Summoning or Transformation spells. Intelligence, Strength, and Charisma are less important for her build. More skill will improve her armor class and she has the best attack when used as a Beast.


Astarion is a rogue, and you can tell by his behavior when you first meet him. You’ll find him southwest of the nautiloid wreck at the cliffs near the Roadside waypoint. You can’t miss him in Baldur’s Gate 3 and he will ask you for help. However, he will try to trick you and if you make the wrong decisions, you’ll find yourself in combat with him and lose him as a party member.

In this context, we would like to advise you to save the game not only with him but with all potential companions before you approach them for the first time. It would be annoying if you didn’t get every character you wanted because of an offhand remark. Astarion has excellent dexterity and good perception and is a master of deception.


The last character to join your party in Baldur’s Gate 3 is Minsc. Like Jaheira, he can’t be recruited at the beginning. In fact, he can only join you in the third and final act of the game. And only as part of the Aid the Underduke quest. You can find him at the Undercity Ruins waypoint. Follow Jaheira’s quest line and talk to the bankers in the Counting House. They will send you through the vault into the sewers. At the abandoned cistern you will finally meet Minsc.

He’s a human ranger with highly developed agility. You know him and his companion Boo from the first two Baldur’s Gate games. He only survived all these decades because he was turned into a statue most of the time and was freed about twelve years before you crashed with the nautiloid.


You can meet the druid Halsin in several ways in Baldur’s Gate 3. For example, you can find him transformed into a bear in the goblin camp. Help him defeat its inhabitants, but make sure he doesn’t get too many scratches. If he dies during the fight, you’ll lose him as a team member. Alternatively, you can meet him by completing the Defeat the Goblins quest series.

In the Emerald Grove, you’ll notice that almost every NPC will tell you something about Halsin. No wonder, since he’s their leader and is considered lost until you rescue him. Upon his return, he won’t immediately join your party, but only in the second act when you awaken the Cullagh in the Cursed Shadows area. Halsin has great wisdom and can be trained in the same way as Jaheira.


The paladin Minthara can be found in the goblin camp. She’s one of the three leaders you should kill if you side with the Emerald Grove. If you do this, you will of course lose her as a companion. You can find her in the back of the destroyed sanctuary in the northeast. If you want to be evil in your playthrough of Baldur’s Gate 3, she’s a good choice. However, if you want to bring good into the world, you’re better off fighting her.

Minthara is a skilled melee fighter with high Strength. She belongs to the Drow race and is a master of both intimidation and persuasion. She also has good perception, is an athlete, and is well-versed in history. She plans to attack the Druid’s Grove and won’t cooperate with you unless you help her with her plan.

3) Baldur’s Gate 3 Companions Guide: Romance tips

Not long after the release of Baldur’s Gate 3, there was a – shall we say – spicy speedrun discipline: How long does it take to get your first companion into bed? The answer: two minutes and four seconds. In the case of the world record, the object of desire is Lae’zel.

Basically, you can start a romance with almost any member of your party. Gender and species don’t matter, only your powers of persuasion. Unlike quests, however, it’s not your charisma score that matters, but rather what you say. Compliment your opponent to win their favor. But be careful: if you overdo it or choose the wrong words, you’ll only achieve the opposite.

It’s best to save the game before each approach and try out different dialogue options. The following people are open to amorous relationships:

  • Gale
  • Halsey
  • Shadowheart
  • Karlach
  • Minthara
  • Wyll
  • Lae’zel
  • Mizora
  • Haarlep
  • Emperor
  • Drow Twins

The last four aren’t party companions in Baldur’s Gate 3, but NPCs who will have sex with you. The Drow Twins require 1,000 gold to persuade, while the others will offer you some sex more or less on their own.

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