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Building Your University in Two Point Campus

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

In the successor of Two Point Hospital, you’ll be working in the field of education instead of healthcare. As is typical for the creators, the simulation is not only complex but also extremely funny.

In our beginner’s guide on building your university in Two Point Campus, we’ll show you how to fulfill the students’ dreams and build the most successful uni ever.

1) Pay attention to needs and keep walking distances short

Both staff and students have basic needs that you can’t ignore. They are critical to the learning success and happiness of your protégés. In addition to food and beverages, these include general hygiene, health, energy, and restroom comfort. It’s important to keep the distances to the objects and facilities related to the needs as short as possible.

Among the basics are water dispensers. After all, one of the top rules in the university world is to stay hydrated. You can also place vending machines butif you overdo it with those, too many sugary soft drinks will be drunk and people’s health will go downhill. So, make sure you maintain a healthy balance.

And speaking of health, with food trucks you not only satisfy the need for food but also increase well-being at the same time. It’s best to put a hot dog, ramen, or veggie kiosk in each of your buildings on campus. To satisfy students’ hunger completely, you should also distribute a few vending machines with snacks. While these don’t have a positive effect on health, they are much cheaper than food trucks.

Hand sanitizers are also important. When constructing your buildings in Two Point Campus, it’s best to make it a habit to always place one next to each door. They are not only used by students, but also by teachers.

Entertainment is also part of a good life at the university. In the beginning, you should place at least three entertainment objects in the corridors of each building. To start with, we recommend the payphone, the gothic bookcase, the wizard’s owl, and the broom rack. Later on, you’ll expand the entertainment offer with a “Test Your Strength” or the crazy taxi machine.

To recharge, you need dormitories, which you rent out to students. Especially in the beginning, this source of income is enormously important. The amount of rent depends on the prestige level. To increase this, build the largest possible halls and decorate them with objects. Use different objects for this, because as soon as you place more than two identical objects, the prestige level increases very little. Variety is the keyword here.

You satisfy the toilet comfort with bathrooms. These should contain at least three cubicles, as well as sinks, and have a couple of shower stalls. Like the other necessities, you should place them in such a way that all students can easily reach them.

2) Tips on rooms

Essential rooms for the first year

Focus on the rooms that are most important for classes and general living first. After all, your budget is limited, so you’ll have to manage it. Before the first year of study begins, it’s best to build dormitories and lecture halls, bathrooms with toilets and showers, student lounges, staff rooms for staff, and a library for studying at your university. Without these, your GPA will drop.

The Two Point Campus courses themselves also need special spaces such as a VR lab for the Virtual Normality course or a science lab for Scientography. Without the specialized rooms, the main courses cannot take place.

If money is tight at the beginning, you can forgo facilities such as staff rooms or lounges if necessary and add them as the year progresses. You can also borrow money to avoid financial shortages and ensure the basic facilities.

Pay attention to the size of the rooms

As for the size of the rooms, you shouldn’t make the important ones too small. Not only the dorms, but all other rooms have a prestige level. The bigger the room, the more attractive it is, and ultimately the higher the level. Although each element has a minimum size, you can make the lecture halls, the library, and the special rooms of the courses a little more expansive.

In a large lecture hall in Two Point Campus, students not only learn better, but professors also have more fun teaching. In addition, during the game, you’ll be adding new decorative objects to the rooms from time to time to increase your prestige. Of course, this is only possible if the rooms are big enough.

Use your space to the maximum

You should use the space provided by the Two Point Campus university layout to the maximum and not waste a single inch. In addition, you also have to plan for future expansions. After all, your students will demand new objects and rooms from time to time during the course of the game.

And this is where one of our most important tips on building your university in Two Point Campus comes into play:

Construct buildings yourself

Unlike Two Point Hospital, the game lets you construct buildings yourself. The prefabricated ones are often not optimal and can be made a lot more efficient. If you want to get the most out of the space you’re given, tear down the buildings that are too small and build new ones. You’ll even get some credit for the demolition.

Then, when you construct a new building, keep the exterior as small as possible and design the lecture halls as well as the space for students and faculty members larger.

Instead of demolishing, you can also expand the existing buildings. It is best to use your imagination at the beginning of the game and think about where such expansions would be possible later and plan accordingly.

3) Building your university in Two Point Campus: Create room templates

While you need to plan specific rooms to accomplish specific goals, it’s often sufficient to set standardized rooms. To do this efficiently and save time, Two Point Campus offers you the possibility to create room templates. These are created very quickly and save you a lot of work during the course of the game.

First click on the room you want to use as a template. On the right side of the menu, you’ll find an icon consisting of a piece of paper and a triangle. As soon as you’ve clicked on it, you can give the template a name.

So that you don’t lose the overview in Two Point Campus, this should be as concrete as possible. For example, “small” or “large dormitory”, instead of just “dormitory”. Finally, you can create several templates for each type of room.

4) Increase the attractiveness and pay attention to the temperature

Only happy students perform well and the same goes for faculty in Two Point Campus. To make both groups feel comfortable on campus, both attractiveness and a comfortable climate are important. Without heating, not only does the temperature in the rooms drop, but the mood also goes downhill when it gets cold outside. In contrast, air conditioning systems provide cooling in the warm months.

When distributing them, first switch to the visualization view to see which area the heater or air conditioner covers. Then you place them in such a way that nowhere in the buildings can get too hot or too cold.

As for attractiveness, plants are particularly suitable for creating a cozy ambiance in Two Point Campus. But other decorative elements also have a positive impact on the mood. To prevent the plants from drying out, they must be watered, of course.

This is done by janitors who also maintain other objects as well as rooms. Hire enough of them so that your plants don’t wither. Otherwise, they may even reduce the attractiveness instead of increasing it. Likewise, trash lying around destroys attractiveness. To counteract this, place bins at regular intervals.

5) Pay attention to loudspeaker announcements and warning symbols

From time to time, quick action is required. Your attention will be brought to problems that need quick solving via loudspeaker announcements. In addition, red symbols show you where help is needed. Under no circumstances should you ignore them but find a solution as quickly as possible. This can be, for example, a lack of janitors or a drop in temperature.

6) Use the summer break

Summer vacations are once a year in Two Point Campus. After all, one needs a break from all the education. For you, however, the real work begins right now. That’s because, during summer break, you’ll be preparing for the next academic year and able to tweak your campus goals as well as student and staff needs. During this time, the months are frozen, but the game continues.

Apart from the fact that there are of course no lectures during the break, there are also no salaries to be paid. The janitors are still on duty, but they have less to do. After all, there are no students who make the place dirty. So, you can fully concentrate on optimizing the satisfaction of needs and expanding your university.

Use the time to add new courses of study and build the appropriate rooms for them. By doing so, you’ll meet new study requirements and thus attract even more people who are willing to learn. In addition, the summer break is the perfect opportunity for fulfilling your goals. During the semester, it’s often difficult to master the needs perfectly. So, it’s best to get your stars during the vacation.

7) Increase learning through objects

Successful learning is not only a matter of intelligence but also depends on the equipment. Increase the learning ability of your students in Two Point Campus by installing a teleprompter and two surround sound speakers in every lecture hall. This will improve the learning conditions and your students will get better grades. It also increases the efficiency of the professors.

If you can spare 8,000 credits, we recommend you build a huge library reception. It will increase the learning capacity of the users by 8 %. For much less money you can equip the corridors with bookshelves. There, students can also improve their skills.

How can PLITCH help you build your campus?

Our PLITCH codes are the icing on the cake of our beginner’s guide on building your university in Two Point Campus. Because we don’t just give you the possibility to make the game easier, we also have a lot for advanced players. For example, you can set your career or course points as well as your money or Kudosh to 0 and thus create an individual challenge for yourself.

But of course, the opposite is also possible. If the needs of your students are not met at the moment, you simply switch them to full happiness by pressing a button or farm the necessary change to build new objects. The needs can also be adjusted individually. Give your protégés infinite energy, never let them get hungry, or ensure full toilet comfort. Everything is possible.

You can find more information on our Two Point Campus cheats in our video.

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Happy Gaming!