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Earn Money and Kudosh in Two Point Campus

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

Earning money is an integral part of campus life for students, staff, and the university itself. Your university in Two Point Campus is not spared from this. For progress and success, you need money and Kudosh here. But how do you manage to make the cash register ring?

In this guide, we show you how to earn money and Kudosh in Two Point Campus quickly and effectively so you’ll make progress in the game.

1) How can you earn money in Two Point Campus?

Raiders of the Lost Ark: offer an archaeology course

The archaeology course is a great way to earn money in Two Point Campus. If you offer the course at the university, you can create an excavation site where your students can dig up finds. In turn, you can sell the finds for good money. While supposedly useless artifacts are already worth considerable sums, the sales price for gems is even in the five-digit range.

It becomes especially interesting if you wait with selling them until the price goes up. The artifacts that your students will find make your excavation site a real treasure trove.

You can easily increase the number of items you unearth by making your course more attractive. The more students participate in your course and excavations, the more artifacts you’ll receive. By making your archaeology course more affordable, you’ll attract many more students eager to discover hidden treasures of the past – and make you richer in the process.

Catching bookworms

When people talk about Two Point Campus bookworms, they mean it literally – not eager and inquisitive campus residents, but nimble and shy creatures that come and go as they please. Their characteristic feature is their bright yellow color, which makes them impossible to miss in contrast to the rich green grass on which they mostly appear.

Bookworms are not easy to catch, however, as you have little time to do so. Your hunt must be approached carefully, and you must react quickly. To do this, move near the area where you’ve spotted them and wait for them to shoot out of the ground. Then you’ll have to click on them with the cursor to catch them.

The bookworms always appear for a few seconds around this area, so you’ll have several chances for a good catch.

Keeping the topic of our article in mind, it will surely not surprise you that you’ll be compensated with money for bookworms. So, bookworm hunting is a valid way to earn some extra money on the side.

Lead your students to success

The success and finances of your university depend on the success of your students. If they get bad grades, it will be reflected in the evaluation of your university. They also earn less XP, which in turn means less money for the university. In return, better performance leads to more XP, which results in your students earning more.

So, it pays off in more ways than one to encourage good performance. The easiest way to do this is through tutoring. This also gives your students the most flexibility.

Other ways to earn money in Two Point Campus

In addition to the above options, other ways can lead you to your financial goal.

  • Arcade machines are a particularly worthwhile investment. Distribute plenty of them around campus and start earning money. Arcade machines are proving especially popular among students and are especially profitable in the long run.
  • Another option is to earn money through donations from students. Those who feel a connection to their alma mater are happy to help out.
  • Once a year, you can also increase your income by winning awards.
  • If you need more money in the short term, it may be worthwhile to raise your course fees.
  • Go for minimalism: always keep only what you need and sell the rest of the items.
  • Completing optional challenges and inspections can also serve as a small cash injection.
  • Bonus XP is another type of earning that can lead to regular gain.
  • In Two Point Campus, you have the option of borrowing money. However, you should only do this in case of emergency. After all, repaying the loans often costs you more than your income. This is not only uneconomical but can also quickly plunge you into debt.

2) How to earn Kudosh in Two Point Campus

Kudosh is another type of currency in Two Point Campus. You need it to unlock objects, decorations, fast food stands, furniture, and learning devices. The objects are not purely decorative, but increase the general attractiveness of your campus. This also affects the performance of your students. After all, they achieve better grades when they feel comfortable.

Complete career goals

By completing career goals, you consistently earn Kudosh. Career goals are not tied to one university, but are global in nature. If you’re short of Kudosh, you can always take a look at the career goals – maybe you have already made some progress there. You always have to collect the rewards manually. The goals have three different levels. For bronze, you get 50, for silver 75, and for gold 100 Kudosh.

Other ways to earn Kudosh

  • Science is worth it

As you progress with your research department, you’ll gain access to various research projects. For these, you will be rewarded with Kudosh.

  • And the award for the best university goes to …

If you’re successful at managing your university in a given year, you’ll be rewarded with plenty of awards at the end of the year. It’s worth it to win a lot of prizes because you get 10 Kudosh and 5000 coins for each award.

  • No pain, no gain

In the career mode, you can accept additional challenges and inspections. For completing these quests, you’ll receive between 5 and 10 Kudosh on average.

  • Make sure you have a high star rating

High star ratings provide you with a lot of Kudosh. You’ll also unlock more levels and universities.

  • Fulfill wishes and earn Kudosh

It’s advisable to always keep the needs and wishes of your students in mind. You can easily find out exactly what they have in mind by checking your inbox. You’ll receive requests regularly. Event requests from external people are particularly worthwhile in terms of Kudosh.

  • Catching bookworms

As mentioned above, catching bookworms in Two Point Campus can be lucrative. For it, you receive both money and Kudosh. Which of the two the captured bookworms drops is random.

How to earn money and Kudosh in Two Point Campus even faster

Two Point Campus is a varied simulation game in which there’s always a lot to discover. With our tips, you should be able to accumulate plenty of cash and Kudosh to create a campus just the way you want it.

However, like most games of the genre, Two Point Campus is very extensive. To advance, you’ll have to put a lot of time and love into the game, and constantly hang in there. You love Two Point Campus, but you don’t have the necessary patience or enough time resources? No problem – with PLITCH’s Two Point Campus cheats, you’ll manage to advance quickly and easily!

With our cheats, you’ll accelerate your money and Kudosh income by simply adding money, Kudosh, or course and career points.

Advanced players who want to take on new challenges can try the PLITCH hardcore cheats and make campus life just a little bit harder.

For more info on our Two Point Campus cheats, watch our video.

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Happy Gaming!