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6 Two Point Campus Tips on Students and Staff

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

Two Point Campus may seem harmless due to its playful appearance, but at its core, it is a complex business simulation. In this article, you’ll find several helpful Two Point Campus tips on students and staff, so you can make the best progress in the game.

1) Take a close look at applicants

Faculty, assistants, and janitors are the center of your campus. It’s very important that you select/hire the right people. You should make sure to click on each of them to take a close look at them before you hire someone. This will help you find out more about each person.

Employees with several positive traits such as “Speed Walker” (their walking speed is above average), or “Strong Bladder” (toilet need reduces over time) are preferable.

On the other hand, if the candidate exhibits traits such as “Lollygagger” (moves slower than average), “Bottomless Pit” (gets hungry all the time), “Dry-Mouth” (gets thirsty all the time), “Weak Bladder” (toilet comfort decreases faster than average), or “Gross” (poor personal hygiene), you should only consider hiring them if they can make up for it somehow.

2) Two Point Campus tips on students and staff: Hire better lecturers

The lecturers you choose at the beginning usually aren’t the best ones. If several students are failing in the school years, you should consider firing some of your least effective instructors. As your university grows over time, more experienced individuals will want to join you.

3) Continue to educate your staff

After you’ve played for a certain amount of time, you’ll unlock the Training Room. This room has futuristic equipment that will help you retrain your staff within a short period. It is best to set up the Training Room immediately and make sure that it is used regularly.

Who gets which training depends on the current mission objectives, for one thing. For example, if certain qualifications are required in a particular subject, you should aim for those.

If you’re having problems with annoying intruders at your campus, then it’s to your advantage to focus on security training for your janitors. Janitors can also make use of mechanical skills to upgrade equipment and thus improve productivity.

If there are no pressing issues at the moment, it’s best to rely on general skills. For example, docents should be able to tutor their students.

4) Improve your students’ campus life

Campus life has a significant impact on how your students feel in Two Point Campus. How much a student enjoys campus life is influenced by several factors:

  • Quality of housing: the cleanness and comfort of the housing – it should be clean, neatly furnished, and not too crowded.
  • Clubs: To ensure that this value increases, it is important to join or be part of several clubs that have good facilities on campus.
  • Tuition fees: The lower the tuition, the happier the person and vice versa. You can control your tuition through the tuition administration. Remember that if you set this low, your income will go down as well. As the tuition decreases, so does the popularity of the program, which can lead to a decline in the quality of your new students.
  • Personal Goals: This aspect makes you pay attention to how well the person’s goals have been met so far. The person’s goals are requests that often appear in the lower right corner of your inbox, such as requests for theater tickets or concerts.
  • Relationships: You can boost your students’ social lives by distributing relationship objects around campus. Start with benches or picnic tables. If two people sit here and talk, the relationship status will soon change. Placing objects with a high friendship level will increase the relationship level.
  • Host events regularly: This is where you provide entertainment as long as you have the money for it. This usually happens in the lounge or student union of your campus. The higher the quality of these events, the more effective the entertainment will be for your students.
  • Note: In lecture halls, you’ll later have the opportunity to arrange movie nights. In individual lecture halls, you can also later initiate competitions that will put your students to the test.
  • Tip: Set events as recurring so that you continue to provide parties in subsequent semesters.

5) Pay attention to the size of courses

You’ll quickly find that many rooms offer more capacity as they get larger. However, this does not apply to teaching rooms. These are always limited to a capacity of 8 students. This is because 8 people make up a class at a time, and if you have more than 8, a new course is opened that requires staff and rooms.

Unfortunately, each new course starts with 10 applicants. This means that for 2 students a new course would have to be opened, which then runs for 3 years. In this case, it is better to only accept 8 students.

If you increase the course to the second level before the beginning of the school year in Two Point Campus, you can admit up to 15 people. This will pay for itself much more since there’s only one unused slot.

6) Fulfill academic requests

From time to time, your protégés in Two Point Campus submit a request to you. Most of them request things for personal reasons. These are the areas where empathy is appreciated, but by and large, it doesn’t make a difference.

Since there are no restrictions on accepting personal reasons, you should always prioritize academic requests. These are requests from students who are asking for a specific item to complete their assignments for which they normally have to spend their Kudosh.

Such requests are pretty last minute and your students won’t do so well if you ignore them.

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Happy Gaming!