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ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree Guide

  • from PLITCH
  • 20.06.2024

After just over two years, the time has finally come. Elden Ring’s first and only DLC is finally seeing the light of day. In our Shadow of the Erdtree guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about the add-on: how to start it, what stats you’ll need, and what equipment you should bring.

1) What’s in the Elden Ring DLC?

The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC adds a whole new area. It’s about the same size as Limgrave. You can expect an expansive overworld as well as numerous dungeons and, of course, new enemies. There are ten new bosses in total. The range of standard enemies has also been expanded.

The new area is called Land of Shadow and should take about 40 to 50 hours to complete. Ten new weapon types have been added for you to try out. There is also a new progression mechanic and buffs that are unique to the DLC zone.

2) The gameplay

Shadow of the Erdtree not only means more of the familiar Elden Ring but also brings completely new elements to the game. Fighting with the spear shield is completely different from any other type of weapon you’ve seen before. In addition, you can now fight with your bare fists and expand your abilities of that.

The biggest difference in gameplay, however, is the new buffs you get from defeating bosses. These fall into two categories: One gives you a bonus to your attack and defense, and the other improves your spirit summons. The buffs can be redeemed at sites of grace and can be used throughout the DLC area. However, they will no longer work once you leave the Land of Shadows.

3) What stats will you need for Shadow of the Erdtree?

The DLC is meant to be an extension of the endgame. As such, you shouldn’t be a newcomer to the game and ideally have already completed Elden Ring. We recommend that you don’t enter the add-on below level 125. You are on the safe side if you have an even higher level. Of course, it’s also important that the skills in your build match up well.

Make sure you have about 60 Vigor. We know from the Dark Souls series that FromSoftware doesn’t make easy DLCs. They tend to be even harder than the main game. Shadow of the Erdtree also scales when you are in New Game Plus. If you’ve reached +7, we recommend that you take a new character and get them to level 125.

4) Where does the DLC begin?

The Elden Ring DLC can’t be started separately but must be started within the main game. Early on after the release of the main game, fans speculated that Miquella’s cocoon, which contains the body of the slain prince, would be the gateway to the DLC. And indeed, that is now the case.

Travel to Mohg, the Lord of Blood. If you haven’t defeated him yet, one of the most difficult boss fights in Elden Ring awaits you here. If you need help, take a look at our next tip. In any case, after the fight, interact with Miquella’s outstretched hand and you’ll enter the Land of Shadows.

5) How to defeat Mohg and Radahn

Let’s take a look at the two bosses you need to defeat to access the DLC. Radahn needs to die so that you can get to Mohg, and Mohg needs to die so that you can interact with Miguella’s hand.

How to beat Radahn

You can find General Radahn at the end of Redmane Castle. For the fight against the Starscourge, you can use the summon signs on the ground to call for reinforcements from NPCs. This will make the fight much easier for you, as Radahn will be distracted by your allies. Blaidd, Therolina, Lionel Lionheart, Okina, Iron First Alexander, the Great Horned Tragoth and, from the second half onwards, Kastellan Jerren in the second half.

In the first phase, you’ll have to dodge Radahn’s arrows. You can tell how much an attack is charged by his bow. It’s best to use your horse to avoid a hail of arrows. When you get close to Radahn, he’ll draw his bow and switch to melee. This is his weakness. Stay as close to him as possible, dodge his blows, and deal as much damage as you can.

In the second phase, the Starscourge can magically recharge his weapons. Your strategy here should be the same as in the first phase. When the general enters the third phase, you must be careful to avoid his nosedive from the sky. His jump attacks can also be dangerous. Dodge them and keep dealing damage between attacks until he’s finally finished.

How to finish Mohg

Use Mohg’s chain, which you can find in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds, to bind the prince twice on the ground. This should allow you to weaken him enough to start the second phase. As soon as this begins, drink your Purifying Crystal Tear which you can get on Altus Plateau.

You can also use Spirit Summons, such as the Mimic Tear, to make the fight even easier. Mohg’s attack pattern remains the same. If you use the pauses to damage him, he will be history in a few minutes.

6) Tip: Farm as many runes as you can!

Not only in the main game but also in our Shadow of the Erdtree guide, the motto is to farm as many runes as possible. Here are a few tips to make grinding easier for you:

  • the sleeping giant dragon in front of Fort Faroth will give you 50,000 runes in one go
  • Kill Miriam in the Carian Study Hall and then defeat all the ghosts (about 5,000 runes in total)
  • Kill the knights and soldiers in the War-Dead Catacombs (1,000 runes per soldier, almost 3,000 runes per knight)
  • Kill all the Albinaurics in Mohgwyn Palace (30,000 runes per run from the Palace Alley)

7) Shadow of the Erdtree guide: Prepare buffs (Faith build)

To prepare you for your journey through the Elden Ring DLC, we recommend some effective buffs. Although you will receive new ones in Land of Shadows, the following will serve you well in your first battles in the add-on.

Shadow of the Erdtree guide: Prepare buffs

Flame, Grant Me Strength adds 20% physical and fire damage to your attacks and lasts for 30 seconds. Another useful physical buff is the Howl of Shabiri. It lasts 40 seconds, reduces damage taken by 30%, and increases your own damage by 25%. Note that you can’t combine buff types. When you have a physical buff active, you can only stack a weapon buff or a unique buff such as Contagious Fury or Oath of Vengeance on top of it.

8) Get the best talismans for your build

In addition to powerful buffs, you should also have some good talismans to be prepared for Shadow of the Erdtree. One such talisman is the Great-Jar’s Arsenal. It will allow you to carry 19% more equipment, which has almost the same effect as increasing your stamina to a very high level. The talisman can be found in Dragonbarrow.

Also useful are the Erdtree’s Favor, the Cerulean Amber Medallion, and the Claw Talisman. The latter can be found at Stormveil Castle. Take the Ritual Sword Talisman from a chest in the basement of Lux Ruins and secure the Spear Talisman from a chest inside Lakeside Crystal Cave.

9) Sacred Tears and Golden Seed

Do not enter the Land of Shadows without maxing out your Sacred Tears and Golden Seed. The seeds will increase the amount of potions you have, and the tears will make them more effective. Tears can usually be found in Marika’s churches. You can use a total of twelve.

Your limit of HP and FP bottles is 14, and you need a total of 30 Golden Seeds to reach it. You can find most of them near errant golden branches of the Erdtree. Sometimes NPCs or defeated bosses will have one for you.

10) Bell Bearings & Smithing Stones

Since there will be new weapons in Shadow of the Erdtree, you shouldn’t start the DLC without upgrading the inventory of the Twin Maiden Husks with Beall Bearings. After all, you’ll want to upgrade your new additions with Smithing Stones and Somber Smithing Stones. You can find the twins at the Roundtable Hold. Every merchant NPC in Elden Ring has a Bell Bearing. You can either buy them or steal them through combat.

Also, defeat the Bell Bearing Hunters that appear at night. They are hidden mini-bosses whose Bearings give you access to important crafting materials. You can find them in the Warmaster’s Shack, the Chuch of Vows, the Hermit Merchant’s Shack, and near the Isolated Merchant’s Shack.

11) Upgrade your Spirit Ashes

Similar to Smithing Stones, you can use Grave Gloveworts and Ghost Gloveworts to upgrade your Spirit Ashes. To do this, complete Roderika’s quest. Once you’ve completed it, the NPC will help you level up the ashes. You can first find her in the Stormhill Shack and then at the Roundtable Hold. To level up the normal ghost ashes, you will need Grave Gloveworts. For the ashes with proper names, you’ll need Ghost Gloveworts.

In theory, you can buy both items from the Twin Maiden Husks in unlimited quantities. For the Grave Gloveworts, you exchange the Bell Bearings from the Grave-Glovewort Picker, and for the Ghost Gloveworts, you exchange the Bell Bearing from the Ghost-Glovewort Picker.

Prepare for the DLC with PLITCH!

The most important message from our Shadow of the Erdtree guide is: Only enter the DLC when your character is strong enough. If your level is still too low and you don’t fancy a long grind, PLITCH’s Elden Ring cheats will help you prepare with just a few clicks.

Increase the number of runes to reach level 125 or higher and set your Strength (Vigor) to 60. If Mohg and Radahn are causing you problems, simply use our Easy Kills code and finish them off in one hit.

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Happy Gaming!