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Everspace 2 Tips and Best Ships Guide

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.03.2024

Everspace 2, the arcade action game with role-playing elements, offers a varied world with a solid number of different enemies and many lovingly designed sectors. If you want to survive in this space shooter, you should take our Everspace 2 tips and tricks to heart.

1) Everspace 2 Tips and Tricks

Explore all areas

Everspace 2 is best played with the mouse and keyboard. You can also use a controller, but you’ll have to make some sacrifices. This also applies to the exploration of the areas. There is a lot to discover in every sector and in every world.

Since the story lasts about 30 hours, but the game’s content easily doubles that time, you’ll find a lot of hidden wrecks and puzzles while exploring. It’s also worth revisiting systems later when you have better sensors installed in your ship. This will make exploration easier and you’ll discover more.

Everspace 2 Tips: explore all areas

But always keep an eye out for your enemies. In Everspace 2, you can quickly get into areas where enemies stronger than you attack you, similar to RPGs. So stick to the initial areas and explore them thoroughly before venturing further into space and other star systems.

Hint: There is no shame in retreating.

Combat tips

Everspace 2 is graphically rich and can easily distract you with its visual effects and stimuli. Always focus on one enemy and attack from a distance. That way you’ll deal a lot of damage before they reach you. You can often take out the enemy and redirect your fire to another ship.

To avoid fire, it’s helpful to maneuver your ship in a circular motion. It’s also beneficial to approach enemies at high speed, take out one or two ships if possible, and then fly back. This tactic can be used to weaken challenging opponents.

Make as much profit as possible from trading goods

Being a space shooter, trading goods isn’t the main focus of the game. However, the developers have made it possible for you to get really rich by buying and selling trade goods. On your journey through the universe of Everspace 2, you’ll not only collect materials for crafting or equipment but also things that you can sell at a profit in the various solar systems.

If you want to fill up your credit account with goods, pay attention to the prices of the local merchants at the beginning. That way you’ll quickly find out which items are good sellers. To optimize the whole thing, it can help to buy a ship with an extra large cargo hold. This will allow you to transport large amounts of trade goods and earn a lot of credits quickly. Trading also allows you to buy more upgrades for your ship.

Collect renown

You can earn Renown for the tasks you perform on space stations. This basically reflects the reputation you have with the local life forms. The more Renown you have, the higher your level. Each level gives you a lot of experience, but also items and credits. Unfortunately, the developers have failed to add any depth to this reputation system. For example, it’s not possible to behave negatively.

Upgrade your tractor beam

Anyone who has seen Star Trek knows the power of a tractor beam. This beam will also help you in Everspace 2, because the better it’s upgraded, the greater the distance you can collect objects.

There is already an ability for this at the beginning of the game. This may not seem spectacular at first, but it will make things easier for you as the game progresses.

2) Everspace 2 Ships Guide

How and where do you find ships in Everspace 2?

What would our Everspace 2 tips and tricks for the space shooter be without a guide to the best ships in the game? All in all, there’s a solid selection and the developers still want to keep up with content updates and DLC. However, you already get quite a few ships in the main game. Still, finding ships can be a challenge.

You’ll encounter the first ship trader when you enter Nephtys Plains Station. Once the disruptor signal is repaired, you can find the base. There are a total of five ship dealers in the game. After completing Tareen’s advantage on level 2, the Flying Duchess will be added. Which levels are available depends on the location of the trader and your level. So the same ship gets better the more time you spend in the game.

You can find the first ship trader in Nephtys Plains at the Nephtys Plains Station. You can unlock the second trader at the Prescott Starbase in the Freelancer Hangar. The Noah Darmaris Starport is home to the G & B Union branch. In the Letho Starport (Drake), you can find new ships in the Coalition HQ, and in the Coalition Cargo Terminal (Drake), you can find ships and supplies.

Keep in mind that Everspace 2 may get new content. Currently, there are three classes of each ship, available in three variants. In total, you can buy nine different ships. As variants, you get Level I and Level II. There is also a third plus variant. This is always weaker than the next level.

What ship classes are available?

Overall, the ships available in Everspace 2 are divided into three classes.


The first class consists of light and fast ships. They have limited cargo space but are much more agile in space. This makes them ideal for dogfights. In these space battles, high maneuverability is important.

However, this ship class has low hull, shield, and armor values. The subclasses are Stinger, Scout, and Vanguard.

Medium class

The second class of ships are the medium ships. They offer a wide range of uses. They are a good compromise between the light and fast ships and the heavy ships.

As a result, they are still quite agile in combat, have improved stats, and offer a solid cargo space to clear out explored wrecks. They are also suitable for players who like to rely on one type of ship and don’t want to change their ship all the time. Typical classes include Interceptor, Striker, and Sentinel.

Heavy class

The heavy and large ships of this class allow you to gather things in space, mine resources, or trade with a decent amount of cargo space. However, the size of these ships severely limits their maneuverability.

They are slower and less agile. They make up for this with their high hull, shield, and armor ratings. As a result, they are extremely resilient and make excellent cargo ships. Typical classes are Bombers, Gunships, and Vindicators.

Which ships are the best in Everspace 2?

In our Everspace 2 tips and tricks, we’re going to talk about the best ships in the star systems. These are convincing in terms of armor, combat, space for trade goods, upgrade options like the tractor beam, and exploration of the different faction areas. In any case, it’s interesting that you can customize your ship to suit your play style. In addition to the equipment, the appearance of the ship’s hull is also customizable.

The best light ship in Everspace 2 is the Scout. It offers you high mobility and optimal weapon range. Since the Scout can also be camouflaged, it’s perfect if you’re not looking for direct confrontation. With the Scout, you have a ship that’s designed for exploration and can avoid enemies in space. Plus, you always have room for loot in the cargo bay.

In the middle class, the Striker is your ship. It sets the standard in space battles and you can rely on its boost speed. The Striker can also be armed to the teeth. The ship has space for up to three main weapons. You can also add two secondary weapons. Thanks to the solid cargo hold, there’s always room to earn some credits with goods.

In the heavy class, nothing gets past the Gunship. Sure, it’s slow, but what it can do in terms of damage output with different ammo will put the fear of God into any enemy. The firepower is combined with a high level of armor. The gunship is accordingly resistant. In combination with the cargo bay, almost everything is possible.

Of course, you are not limited to one of these ships. The important thing is to find the ship that best suits your play style. So dare to experiment.

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