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Far Cry 6 Best Weapons Guide

  • from PLITCH
  • 10.05.2024

With Giancarlo Esposito, your opponent in Far Cry this time has a face that is well known to Breaking Bad fans. To stand up to his henchmen and end his reign of terror, we’ll show you which weapons are the most useful in each category in our Far Cry 6 Best Weapons Guide.

1) The Best Impro Weapons

El Muro

After completing the “Libertad Rises” mission in Far Cry 6 and unlocking Juan’s weapons store, you can always buy the El Muro. A hand cannon, it works like a shotgun in pistol form.

far cry 6 best weapons: El Muro

Its accuracy is very low, but it makes up for it with high penetration and good speed. It also has an extendable shield that protects you from enemy attacks, for example when aiming through the sights.

El Susurro

Once you’ve reached rank 5 Cabo, you’ll be able to use the El Susurro. It’s used to fire nails in single shots. It’s completely silent and therefore a good choice for stealth missions in Far Cry 6. Both the firing and the impact of the nails go unnoticed by bystanders. Thanks to its excellent handling and high rate of fire, it functions as a medium-range sniper rifle.

Modifications can be made to reduce the pressure on the compressor and increase the compression speed. An extended spike coil can also be added to increase the magazine size.

La Sorpresa

Starting at rank 9 (Major), the La Sorpresa is available in the weapon shop in Far Cry 6. It fires an explosive projectile that explodes after a short time. The damage it causes is enormous and will tear your enemies to shreds.

The 10x magnification of the scope makes it a good sniper rifle. It’s also very effective against vehicles. Keep in mind that you can only fire one round at a time before you need to reload.

2) The best submachine guns


The MP7 may sound boring, but it’s the best of its kind in Far Cry 6. This is due to its unbeatable combination of a large magazine and a fast rate of fire. You can find the pistol either randomly in one of the red and black FND depot boxes or as a reward after completing a Losandidos mission. Regularly, you’ll get it after upgrading one of the guerrilla garrisons to the maximum.

The shooting modes available to you are semi-automatic, fully automatic, and the 3-shot burst. As for ammunition, in addition to standard rounds, you can use armor-piercing, incendiary, poisonous, and explosive rounds.

The Heroic End

While the MP7 is one of the regular weapons in Far Cry 6, there’s a unique submachine gun that we would like to recommend to you: Heroic End. It increases its damage when hitting the body. It’s also equipped with a micro-reflex sight and explosive bullets. You can find it in the Clinica del Orgullo del Pueblo in the east of Yara. Go to the tent behind the house and open the weapon case to add it to your inventory.

Due to its high rate of fire and large magazine, it will effectively recharge your Supremo. The process is even faster if you get a headshot. The Heroic End will come in handy when fighting larger groups of enemies or heavily armored foes.

3) Far Cry 6 best weapons: The best rifles

La Varita

The La Varita is the most powerful rifle in our Far Cry 6 Best Weapons Guide. To get your hands on it, you must first complete the Triada Blessings side missions. To do this, complete the treasure hunt for the Iras Triada relic. You’ll find it in the west of Lozanía in one of the caves. Next, you have to find the Okús Triada relic. Go to Cruz del Salvador and enter the northeastern villa at night.

Finally, the Mimo Abosis Triadas relic is still missing. It’s hidden in the area of La Joya in a cave in the southeast. As a reward, you’ll receive not only the weapon but also a special Supremo. When used with the Triador function in combination with the La Varita, you’ll be able to shoot through walls and kill any enemy with a single shot. The Supremo also has an ultra-fast reload speed.


The best standard assault rifle in Far Cry 6 is the SSGP-58, and like the MP7, you can find it randomly in an FND depot crate or, if you’re lucky, as part of a Los Bandidos mission. It regularly becomes available for purchase very late in the game, once you’ve upgraded the Guerrilla Base Camp unit.

The advantages of the SSGP-58 in Far Cry 6 lie in its high accuracy, good recoil, and weapon damage that is second to none. In terms of sheer firepower, it’s the most powerful of all the rifles.

It can be equipped with six different types of ammunition, offers the three typical shooting modes, and can be upgraded in many ways. A muzzle brake, red dot or reflex sight, laser pointer, and many other features are available as attachments.

Urushi Variant

Also recommended is the Urushi variant, which can be found in the southeast of the capital Esperanza. In front of the entrance to a warehouse, you’ll see a wooden crate. To the left of it is the weapons crate with the Urushi in it. Of course, you can shoot your way to it, but the enemies in Esperanza are quite strong and numerous. If you maneuver skillfully through the alleys, you’ll only need to kill two guards at most to reach the warehouse.

The special feature of the Urushi is the integrated silencer, which makes you a silent killer. It also reloads quickly, is easy to aim at enemies, and has an extremely high damage potential. Mods give it the ability to heal you on hits or give you an attack bonus on the first shot of a fresh magazine. With the help of armor-piercing bullets, you’ll be able to shoot through helmets and penetrate heavy armor with the Urushi.

4) The best shotguns


In the category of shotguns in Far Cry 6, we definitely recommend the Supercharger. You can find it on the oil platform in the Monteros area northwest of Madrugada. During the Diesel Daisy mission you get from Philly, search the shipping containers. The Supercharger is hidden in one of them. To add it to your inventory you’ll first have to follow the cables that lead from the crane to an office. Use the switch there to clear the way.

The shotgun is perfect for sneak attacks. It’s equipped with a silencer that cools down during reloading. Overheating is therefore impossible. It also does a lot of damage at close range. For headshots, every hit is an instant kill. But even on the torso, it takes a maximum of two shots before your opponent goes down.

El Rubi

During the main quest in Far Cry 6, The Battle of Esperanza, you’ll receive another extremely powerful shotgun. The El Rubi. Its exact location is a crocodile crate in Torre Del León in the government building of Esperanza. The crate stands in front of a large painting of the Castillo duo. The weapon is a special variant of the M133. Unlike the standard version, however, it has two full mod slots.

The El Rubi is a master of handling and stealth. Like the Supercharger, it’s equipped with a silencer. It has a lower damage potential and a higher reload speed, but it’s easier to use. It can’t overheat. You can also equip it with incendiary grenades and use mods to increase the damage you deal to enemies below you. The draw and holster speed can also be improved with mods.

5) The best sniper rifles

El Tirano

The best sniper rifle in Far Cry 6 is definitely the El Tirano. To get it, head north to the Escila Fort in Valle De Oro. The weapon is hidden in a lighthouse, which you can climb with the help of your grapple.

The El Tirano is notable for its large magazine and short reload time. It’s true that every shot makes a decent amount of noise. But since you’ll be using the rifle mainly for long-range, you won’t mind.

The magazine holds six rounds, which can be distributed at a fast rate of fire. Thanks to the high accuracy and massive damage of the projectiles, you can wipe out entire bases from a distance in no time.

Sobek Special

The Sobek Special is also excellent for sniping in Far Cry 6. You’ll get it when you accept the Cache Money Treasure Hunt in the northern part of Madrugada in the Aguas Lindas region. To complete it successfully, you’ll need to infiltrate a military hideout. As a mod, the Sobek Special offers you something extremely useful: simultaneous reloading of all your weapons.

In addition, it has not one, but two sights. With the sniper version, you can operate at long distances, and with the reflex version, you can defend yourself if your opponents manage to get close to you. This provides a high level of versatility and saves you from having to switch weapons when the battle conditions change.

The Sobek Special is basically a modified and unique .308 carbine. However, unlike the original, you’ll be able to use it to effectively stop vehicles and deal with helicopters. You’ll also be able to unlock a Supremo bonus landing headshots.

6) The best rocket launchers

La Guaracha

Let’s move on to the rocket launchers. La Guaracha is one of the most unique ones in Far Cry 6 and you’ll find one in the town of Segunda. The town is located in Cruz Del Salvador, in the Valle de Oro. Go east of the settlement to a stage. There the weapon is hidden in a crocodile box. It’s basically based on an RPG-7 but has one mod slot less. Since you don’t have to buy it, it’s a good choice early in the game.

With La Guaracha you can take out helicopters and vehicles at close range with just a few shots. It also gives you a bonus on low-health enemies.

Into Orbit

The best launcher in Far Cry 6 by far is the Into Orbit. It’s your reward for successfully completing the Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt in the Valle de Oro region. It starts near the Kappa Air Defense Facility in Noventarmas. The launcher allows you to automatically target vehicles, making each shot a guaranteed hit.

It also deals the most damage in its class and has a moderate reload speed. It’s a unique RAT4. However, it costs a hefty 1,750 pesos and has high requirements to unlock. The free Into Orbit is much faster to get and has one of the mods (automatic targeting) preinstalled.

For both Far Cry 6 launchers, we recommend that you only get one at a time. If you have the La Guaracha, you can save money for the RPG-7, and if you get the Into Orbit, you won’t need the RAT4. The features of the weapons are very similar. The main difference is that you get one for free and have to pay for the others.

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