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Far Cry 6 Tips and Tricks to Liberate Yara

  • from PLITCH
  • 19.04.2024

With Far Cry 6, the developers pick up where the previous games left off. There aren’t many innovations or even differences. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind in our Far Cry 6 Tips and Tricks so that you don’t fall flat on your face on your trip to the island of Yara. After all, the revolution begins with you!

1) Build the hideout network first

With the first Guerrilla Camp in Far Cry 6, you’ll get access to the construction option to build more buildings. In the beginning, you only have two construction sites available. As the game progresses, this number increases to six. Therefore, you need to think about how to best use the available spaces. Especially since you only get three guerrilla camps.

You should therefore start with the hunting lodge and the hideout network. The latter will give you access to fast travel points. This way you can easily get to all the fast travel points on the island without having to be there first. With the combination of fast travel and the wingsuit, you always have an ideal starting point to take to the skies. This is because you can jump over all the fast-travel locations.

On the other hand, there are the guerrilla hideouts. In one of them, you’re right at the beginning. In contrast to the hideout network, these are only small bases. Accordingly, the possibilities in a guerrilla hideout are limited. At least you’ll find a workbench here. From time to time there are also tasks and Bandido missions.

2) Choose the right amigo

If you’re looking for companions in Far Cry 6, look for “Amigos.” They are practical helpers, just like in Far Cry 5. You’ll find a total of seven Amigos. However, only five of them can be unlocked during the game. The other two are available via DLC. No matter which companion you’ve already unlocked: Always pay attention to their skills and traits. They are very different from each other. So choose accordingly based on your mission objectives.

The first amigo you’ll get in the game is Guapo. This is an extremely aggressive but useful crocodile. He goes straight for the enemy and can take a lot of damage. So Guapo is a handy tank for a frontal attack. The opposite is Chorizo. The “silent” Amigo will help you when you need to be particularly stealthy while searching for resources.

Besides these two, there are others as mentioned above. Take a look at their abilities and decide which one to take depending on your plans. It’s interesting to read the information about your companions. You should also read all the notes scattered around the island. They often contain valuable information about supplies.

3) Turn off cameras and alarms

As usual, Far Cry 6 throws a lot of enemies at you on your missions and in between. However, according to our PLITCH Far Cry 6 tips and tricks, you should pay attention to two more things: Cameras and alarms. The alarm can be found in enemy bases at the tower with the green light at the top. If an enemy activates it, everyone in the area will know that you’re there. You should therefore take them out with a well-aimed shot. The sniper rifle is useful for this.

However, a rifle will only help you with one of two types of alarms. Some cameras and alarms require interaction to turn them off. You’ll have to sneak up on them to deactivate them.

Tip: By the way, watch out for well-hidden tripwire mines. Not only will you take a lot of damage, but all enemies within earshot will know where you are after the explosion. As with cameras and alarms, you can deactivate tripwire mines from a short distance. There’s also the option to detonate them with a shot, but this will also attract enemy attention.

4) Always have the right gear

As usual in Ubisoft’s first-person shooters, it’s important to have the right equipment in Far Cry 6. While in the previous games, ammunition was secondary, the main thing was to defeat the enemy. When you spy on the area with your cell phone, you’ll not only get the markings of the enemy positions but also additional information.

This information tells you exactly which ammunition will do the most damage to which enemy. So before attacking large groups of enemies or camps, go to a strategic point and zoom in on the area with your phone’s camera. You’ll be able to see the enemy’s positions, but also if they’re wearing special armor or if you’ll have to deal with vehicles. You can then select your weapons and ammunition.

For example, for well-armored enemies and vehicles, you’ll need ammunition that can penetrate the armor. For enemies without armor, soft-body bullets will suffice. Explosive ammunition, on the other hand, is equally effective against all enemies, but you should save it for fighting vehicles.

Throughout Far Cry 6, you’ll also be able to craft your own bullets. You’ll be able to poison enemies or set them on fire. Poisoned enemies go crazy and fight each other, and incendiary ammo is extremely effective in many areas.

5) Use EMP effects

Tanks and helicopters in the game are extremely heavily armored. It’s very difficult to defeat them with classic means like the rocket launcher. For example, fire four rockets at a helicopter until it’s destroyed. Tanks are even more difficult to crack. But there is also a PLITCH Far Cry 6 tip for them: EMP weapons.

You should always carry sticky grenades, classic EMP grenades, or later the improvised weapon with electric projectiles called “Zeusito”. These make helicopters and tanks much easier to fight. One hit will cause the helicopter to crash. Either it crashes to the ground in a big explosion, or the pilot can land it safely. After that the survivors will jump out of the helicopter and you can kill them one by one.

6) Unlock fast travel

To save yourself a long journey on foot or with the various vehicles on Yara Island, unlock the fast travel option via the guerrilla camp and the hideout network. To use the fast travel in Far Cry 6, you’ll need some Pesos. The fast travel points have to be purchased first.

7) How to defeat tanks

As mentioned before, tanks in Far Cry 6 can take a lot of damage. You can always take them out with conventional weapons like the Exterminador Supremo. However, this takes a long time. Also, the tank will be broken afterward. The same goes for using improvised weapons or explosive ammo. The latter is even less effective.

It’s easier with EMP weapons. Extremely helpful: “Supremo Volta” or “Zeusito” and EMP grenades. With EMP weapons, tanks become immobile and you can take them out at close range.

Interesting: You can simply “steal” parked and empty tanks at checkpoints, as well as boats and helicopters. If you reach your base with them, you can store them here and use them again later.

8) Far Cry 6 tips for storing and upgrading vehicles

As already described, you can steal tanks, helicopters, and boats and bring them back to your base. So you can collect different vehicles. You’ll also find four special vehicles in Far Cry 6. You can even upgrade them and improve them. You can get one of the four by following the main story. The other three you have to find on your own.

Once you have a vehicle, take it back to your base. Here you can easily save it. For helicopters, you need a helipad and for boats a harbor.

Later on, you can make various improvements. For example, you can add a gun for explosive ammunition on the roof or a grenade launcher. You can also add armor to your vehicles. This will significantly increase their defensive capabilities. You can also make various cosmetic changes.

9) How to get gunpowder

To create many crafting recipes in Far Cry 6, you need gunpowder. Without it, the revolution is nearly impossible. Gunpowder can therefore be called “essential”. To get the coveted gunpowder, you should always keep an eye out for supply crates.

far cry 6 tips: How to get gunpowder

It’s also more lucrative not to focus too much on the missions but on the military bases. If you take them over and capture checkpoint after checkpoint, you’ll have a lot of gunpowder. At least more than enough to run your own factory.

And since all the weapons – except the unique ones – come without upgrades, you’ll need ammunition for each of them. Apart from gunpowder for the bullets, you’ll also need other parts such as barrels and scopes.

10) Always have explosives with you

Far Cry 6 once again impresses with its tightly woven mission system. There’s something to do everywhere, and many of these tasks require you to blow something up. You’ll need C4, grenades, or limpet mines. To get access to these explosives, you’ll need to modify your guerrilla backpack. This has to be unlocked by the Supremo. Your first “explosives” are grenades, which are useful throughout the game.

Alternatively, there’s the improvised rocket launcher. You can unlock it with some uranium from the Pyrotechno. The special rocket launcher fires New Year’s Eve rockets, which are especially effective against stationary targets. The advantage is that you quickly have a lot of ammunition for the part and, as said before, you can easily destroy anti-aircraft positions or roadblocks, for example.

11) Go hunting

As in almost all Far Cry games, your virtual likeness in Far Cry 6 has the option to go hunting on the island of Yara. To unlock this option, you’ll have to build the hunting lodge in the guerrilla camp right at the beginning. Once built, you’ll be able to purchase the Primal Mask, but you’ll need Mamutitos tusks. Mamutitos can be found right at the beginning on the starting island.

Once you have the tusks, you can buy the Primal Mask after you’ve built the Hunter’s Lodge. After that, the animals in the area will be displayed automatically. You’ll also find small animal icons all over the map. These show you exactly which animals you can find where.

The best way to hunt is with a bow and arrow or a sniper rifle. You can find the bow “El Caprirot” in the hunting lodge. When you kill an animal, you can turn its remains into barter at the workbench. These items can then be sold to the vendor for various rewards. The rewards will vary depending on the animal you killed.

12) Follow the Guerrilla Paths

To be best equipped in the fight against the dictator Antón Castillo, you should follow the guerrilla paths on Yara. These are marked with colored tree trunks or stones and consist of overgrown paths as well as trails that are hard to find. However, the Guerrilla Paths will lead you to special locations and to resources and equipment that will surely help you. So keep an eye out for exclamation points as you roam the dense vegetation of Far Cry 6.

Take back the island of Yara with PLITCH

Ubisoft has released another great game in the series with Far Cry 6. The story is compelling and the environment on the island of Yara is a real challenge. As a result, the open world isn’t only beautiful but will challenge you enormously. Simply because of the many enemies, secrets, and the large number of tasks. However, with the aforementioned PLITCH Far Cry 6 tips and tricks, you should be able to get a solid start in the upcoming revolution.

If all this is too slow for you, if you don’t have much time, or if passages are too difficult, you can alternatively simply use our Far Cry 6 cheats. This way you can get infinite ammo, the vehicle godmode, or simply more experience points with just one click. So play Far Cry 6 with PLITCH the way you want and don’t let anything stop you.

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Happy Gaming!