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Horizon Forbidden West Best Armor Guide

  • from PLITCH
  • 03.05.2024

Aloy has a wide variety of armor at her disposal. Each one has its own unique strengths, and it depends entirely on your personal play style which outfit is best for you. In our Horizon Forbidden West Best Armor Guide, we show you their stats and where to find the outfits.

1) Tenakth Vanquisher

The first armor we want to recommend is the Tenakth Vanquisher. It can be purchased from Prize Master at the arena in Memorial Grove for 54 Arena Medals. The Tenakth Vanquisher is a survivor outfit type and will reach its full potential when your health is low.

Horizon Forbidden West Best Armor Guide: Tenakth Vanquisher

When your HP drops below 25%, the outfit increases your Low Health Valor by +2 and gives you a boost to your defense, Evader skill, and melee combat. You can increase your Low Health Valor even more with the Valor Surge Master skill, and the Evader skill gives you more agility. If you use Second Chance in your armor, you can even survive fatal hits.

2) Utaru Winterweave

In the far southwest in Horizon Forbidden West is the town of Thornmarsh. The stitcher there offers the Utaru Winterweave for sale. Cost: 2000 Metal Shards and machine parts (1 Tremortusk Circulator + 1 Apex Dreadwing Heart). The armor belongs to the Infiltrator type and gives +2 Quiet Movement and +1 Quiet Spear damage.

With the stealth trait, Aloy can even move silently through a group of enemies. If you unlock the Silent Strike upgrade, you’ll be able to take out machines with a single hit. If you combine it with Silent Strike Heal, you can even regenerate health from the one-hit damage.

3) Nora Thunder Warrior

If you want to specialize in ranged combat, the following outfit from our Horizon Forbidden West Best Armor Guide is right up your alley. The Nora Thunder Warrior is a Hunter outfit type and, like the Tenakth Conqueror, can be bought from the Prize Master at the arena in Memorial Grove for 54 Arena Medals.

Thanks to the +2 Concentration boost and Deep Concentration, you can aim in peace and have a very long slow-motion window. Concentration Regen ensures that it replenishes quickly after use. There is also a Stamina Regen that allows you to use your weapon skills more often.

The legendary Nora Thunder Warrior can be upgraded with Stealth Ranged (increased damage to unsuspecting opponents) and the Heavy Weapon skill. The latter increases the effectiveness of combat equipment you shoot down from machines. Unlockable weapon slots are Weapon Stamina and Valor Surge  Master.

4) Horizon Forbidden West Best Armor Guide: Tenakth Tactician

Do you want to command machines and keep them on the battlefield for as long as possible in Horizon Forbidden West? Then the Tenakth Tactician is for you. Like the Utaru Winterweave, this armor can be purchased from the stitcher in Thornmarch. To purchase it, you’ll need 2000 Metal Shards, a Thunderjaw Circulator, and an Apex Slitherfang Heart. In terms of type, this outfit belongs to the Machine Master category.

It provides +2 to Lasting Overridge, +1 to Machine Elemental, +1 to Machine Health, and Quiet movement. The combination of these skills allows the Tenakth Tactician to better control enemy machines and keep them fighting for you longer. This saves your ammunition and makes battles less dangerous for Aloy.

The upgrades also make you a better fighter on mounts. Mounted Defense increases the amount of damage you can take and Mounted Archer increases your ranged damage. Of course, these skills only apply while you are mounted on an animal. The unlockable weaves of the outfit are Low Profile and Machine Damage.

5) Oseram Artificer

Let’s talk about a Horizon Forbidden West armor that you can’t just buy from a vendor, but that you have to earn. You can get the Oseram Artificer after completing Keruf’s Salvage Unlimited questline. The salvage contracts for the missions are acceptable very early in the game, but they are quite extensive. No wonder the armor is one of the best in the game.

The armor is of the outfit type warrior and therefore very good for melee combat. It gives you +2 Power Attack, +1 Resonator Buildup, Resonator Damage, and Valor Surge Master. Together, these skills allow you to quickly unbalance and energize machines.

The Resonator Blast and Energized Duration upgrades allow you to expand your Resonator skills even further. Also of interest are the unlockable weave slots: Melee Damage and Critical Strike. Once you’ve fully upgraded the Oseram Artificer, Aloy is extremely powerful at close range and can defeat large machines and bosses even without ranged combat.

6) Carja Stalker Elite

The last outfit in our Horizon Forbidden West Best Armor Guide is the Carja Stalker Elite. You can use it to improve your Trapper skills. You can purchase it for 54 Arena Medals Prize Master at the arena in Memorial Grove. Although traps have become quite expensive compared to those in Horizon Zero Dawn, their effect is still extremely strong.

With the armor, you increase your Trap Limit by +2, gain +1 to Quick Trapper, and +1 to Nimble Crafter. It also increases your Smoke Bomb Capacity. With these upgrades, you can stay inconspicuous longer thanks to your Low Profile and Quiet Movement skills, allowing you to plant explosives more quietly.

The outfit is completed with the unlockable skill slots Skilled Salvager and Resilient Trapper. These will make your mines last longer and give you more and better loot from defeated machines.

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