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Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons Guide

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.05.2024

The sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn features a total of nine legendary combat items. In our Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons Guide, we’ll introduce you to all of them and show you where to find them. We also explain which playstyles they are best suited for, how much they cost, and how best to upgrade them.

1) Death-Seeker’s Shadow

Our list of the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West starts with the Hunter Bow Death-Seeker’s Shadow. It can be purchased from Dukkah at the Maw of the Arena. It costs 80 medals. It holds five coils and increases your critical strike chance by five percent. It also increases your damage against Shocked enemies by ten percent.

You can choose between a 15% increase in knockdown damage and a 15% increase in critical strike damage. If you use the appropriate coils, every single hit will be critical. It’s also possible to be permanently stunned with shock ammo. You should start using this weapon once you have the necessary Arena Medals.

2) The Blast Forge

The Blast Forge can also be purchased from Dukkah for 80 medals. It is a boltblaster designed to penetrate armor. Its initial benefits are a 25% increase in draw speed and a five percent increase in critical hit chance. Like any legendary weapon, you can place up to five coils in it to improve its stats.

Its upgrades include a 15% Overdraw damage, a +10% Reload Speed, and a 2% instant Shocked chance. Indeed, reloading a bolt gun in Horizon Forbidden West takes longer than in Zero Dawn, and your movement speed is more limited. But when it comes to damage output, the boltblaster remains unmatched, capable of destroying even medium-sized machines with a single volley.

3) The Sun Scourge

The Sun Scourge is an excellent mid-range bow in Horizon Forbidden West. You can’t buy it. Instead, you have to eliminate all the rebel outposts and complete the First Forge quest. You’ll then receive the weapon. Its range makes it especially effective against flying enemies or other distant machines. With the right arrows, you can also quickly put your enemies into an elemental state.

The advantages of the Sun Scourge are a 2% chance to inflict the Brittle state on enemies instantly and 10% more damage when you shoot from mid-air. In addition to the five possible coils, you can also unlock increased Overdraw damage, more reload speed, and aerial enemy damage.

4) Tinker’s Pride

The fourth item in our Horizon Forbidden West best weapons guide is the Tinker’s Pride. The legendary Tripcaster was created by a man known in the game world as the Steelbroker. You’ll receive it once you’ve completed all the hunting ground trials. It can’t be purchased from a vendor.

Of the nine epic weapons, the Tinker’s Pride is the least useful. However, if you still want to complete the quest line for it, you can give it a try. It has the benefits of damage over time and knockdown power and can be upgraded with an instant brittle chance and more knockdown damage.

5) The Skykiller

You’ll meet Harriem and Kristia at the Quen camp in Horizon Forbidden West. They will give you the side quest The Way Home, in which you must retrieve a gyrocompass from a shipwreck. Once you complete it, you’ll receive the Skykiller. However, you must first complete The Wings of Ten (the 13th main mission in the game).

The legendary Spike Thrower is extremely effective with explosive projectiles. If you use the free coil slots by using +15 percent explosive damage each time, the weapon is almost OP. The only downside is that the parts you shoot with the Skykiller are destroyed and can’t be added to your inventory. The initial advantages of the Thrower are fast reloading and aerial enemy damage.

6) Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons: Forgefall

Like the Death-Seeker’s Shadow and the Blast Forge, the Forgefall can be purchased from Dukkah at the Maw of the Arena for 80 medals. As for its type, it is a legendary Sharpshot Bow that can be used to avoid the destructive power of the Skkiller. The Forgefall allows you to shoot and use parts of an enemy’s body.

Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons: Forgefall

It has a draw speed of +25%and deals 10% more Concentration damage. It’s good at putting enemies into a plasma state and can be upgraded with Overdraw damage, aerial enemy damage, and shocked enemy damage.

7) Carja’s Bane

Carja’s Corruption is ideal for short distances in Horizon Forbidden West. The Warrior Bow can be found in the chest after completing the four Gauntlet Races. Though not the most varied in terms of ammunition and skill selection, there is no better melee bow in the game. It really comes into its own in battles against enemies that are vulnerable to fire.

The initial benefits are 10% more agility damage and 10% more corroding enemy damage. In addition, there is an upgrade for more knockdown power and the possibility of 15% more melee follow-up. Carja’s Bane is a great choice for groups of small machines.

8) Ancestor’s Return

Let’s take a closer look at the Shredder Gauntlet Ancestor’s Return. To get it, you need to complete all eight Relic Ruin challenges in Horizon Forbidden West and then bring the ornaments to the Hidden Ember. Stemmur will then give you the Night of Lights quest. Once you complete it, the client will give you the Ancestor’s Return. However, you should have completed the Sea of Sands mission first.

In terms of gameplay, Shredder Gauntlets are something special. You will soon find out if this style is for you or if you should avoid this type of weapon. The benefits of the Ancestor’s Return are increased agility damage and draw speed. It can also be upgraded with Concentration Damage, Component Tear, and a critical hit chance.

9) Wings of the Ten

The ninth legendary weapon in our Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons Guide is the Wings of the Ten. This is a Blastsling that has been passed down from champion to champion throughout the history of the game. It’s therefore a weapon for champions. However, you don’t have to fight to get it. It will be your reward for turning in all the Black Box collectibles in the Hall of Remembrance.

The initial benefits are clearly designed for critical hits, increasing their chance and damage. The Wings of the Ten can also be upgraded with Overdraw damage, Close Range damage, and an instant plasma blast chance. Like the Skykiller, the Blastsling is best used to deal blast damage.

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