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Our Favorite Games of 2024 So Far

  • from PLITCH
  • 24.05.2024

With so many great new games being released this year, we wanted to dedicate a blog to our favorite games of 2024 so far! From epic adventures to heart-pounding thrills, get ready to discover your next obsession!

Ghost of Tsushima

our favorite games of 2024 so far: ghost of tsushima

If you’ve read our blog about console-exclusive games we’d like to see on PC, you know our team has been eagerly anticipating Ghost of Tsushima’s arrival on our PCs. And wow, it was worth the wait! Our patcher, Erwin, isn’t easily impressed, but this action-adventure masterpiece scored a solid 10/10 from him.

Our Head of Product & Operations, pooorny, raves: “Everything about this game feels right: The story, the world, the combat, the characters. It’s so easy to get lost in this game! And you can pet foxes, what more can I say?” Turns out, the foxes are a big hit, with our Community Manager, Fezi, also loving this feature. Ghost of Tsushima was his favorite game on PlayStation, so naturally, he’s been diving back into it on PC.

JJ39, our Trainer Maker who crafted some epic codes for the game, got hooked from the get-go. “You just want to learn the history, help your people, and explore the whole island. You can also pet cute foxes and have a horse as a loyal companion!” Seriously, what more do you need?

In Ghost of Tsushima, you step into the shoes of Jin Sakai, a fearless samurai and the last hope for his homeland against the Mongol invasion.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

The story-driven action-RPG Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden has also left a lasting impression on some of our team members. Stefan, our video editor, is a fan of the dark and captivating 2018 hit VAMPYR and calls Banishers a great prequel to that game. He describes it as having a “fantastic story and atmosphere” with unique characters. JJ39 hasn’t played it yet, but after watching the trailers, she can’t wait to jump in.

Set in 1695, you’ll hunt ghosts and make decisions with dramatic consequences. Immerse yourself in diverse landscapes, unravel chilling mysteries, and decide how far you’ll go for love in a world cursed by evil.

Horizon Forbidden West

The creator of our amazing Horizon Forbidden West trainer, CCJ39, has already played the first installment of the duology twice – on PS4 and PC. He has only played Forbidden West for the trainer creation so far, but the story and atmosphere immediately drew him in again. The same goes for JJ39, who is equally enchanted by the vibrant setting and immersive gameplay and is “very excited to see how Aloy’s story continues.”

The game picks up where Zero Dawn left off, throwing you right back into battle against colossal machines. With the fate of the post-apocalyptic world hanging in the balance, it’s up to you to uncover long-lost secrets, forge powerful alliances, and navigate the chaos as you race against time to secure humanity’s future.


When Palworld hit Early Access back in January, it was like a gaming tidal wave crashing onto our screens. Steam records were shattered, and Twitch exploded with streamers diving deep into the world of creature collecting. And Fezi? He was surprised at how addictive it was, especially the crafting and open-world elements “And let’s not forget the memes!” he laughs.

In the game, you form bonds with enigmatic creatures known as “Pals”. Whether you tame them for battle or put them to work on your farms and factories, the choice is yours. But beware of the dangers lurking from poaching syndicates – it’s a world where survival means forging alliances or facing the consequences alone.

Phantom Fury

“I am a simple man. I see a new boomer shooter, I play it,” Stefan explains after enthusiastically diving into Phantom Fury. Instantly hooked, he can’t help but notice the intense Half-Life vibes pulsing through the game, earning it some serious brownie points in his book.

Phantom Fury marks the triumphant comeback of Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison. Transported to a whole new world, Shelly embarks on a thrilling cross-country adventure across the USA. Armed to the teeth with a killer arsenal of weapons and skills, she’s on a mission to take down soldiers and mutants alike. Awakened from a coma with a new bionic arm, Shelly confronts her past to secure the Demon Core and save humanity’s future.

Alone in the Dark

Since her favorite genre is horror, JJ39 had an absolute blast creating the trainer for Alone in the Dark. With a blend of spine-tingling puzzles and a gripping story that can be played more than once because of the two protagonists, the game is a dream come true for her.

Alone in the Dark plunges you into a Lovecraftian nightmare where Southern Gothic vibes collide with bone-chilling psychological horror. Delve deep into the enigma of Derceto, where danger lurks around every corner and every decision could spell doom. Your survival hangs in the balance with every bullet fired, and every door unlocked, leading you deeper into the abyss of nightmarish realms.

Helldivers 2

Besides Ghost of Tsushima, pooorny is also a big fan of the sci-fi co-op shooter Helldivers 2. He was initially skeptical about the game but more and more of his friends got into it and when they did their first 4-player co-op mission, something clicked for him. “The game really feels like co-op should be. 10/10 would be ‘accidentally’ blown up by my buddies again,” he adds.

Defend the galaxy from evil creatures in this fast-paced third-person shooter. Fight for freedom, peace, and democracy across hostile worlds and ensure the survival of our civilization.

Manor Lords

The medieval city builder Manor Lords quickly became one of the most anticipated releases of the year for many gamers. Our UI/UX designer was hooked from the first minute, fascinated by its resemblance to Banished. She loves strolling through her bustling village and observing the daily lives of her peasants up close.

Still in Early Access, Manor Lords lets you build cities, fight epic battles, and manage intricate economies, all set in historically accurate 14th-century Franconia. Exciting updates are on the horizon!

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

As mentioned, JJ39 is a die-hard horror fan, so she was thrilled to create the trainer for the highly anticipated Hellblade II after falling in love with Senua’s Sacrifice. “Just like the first game, this one is something else. Senua’s journey is depressing and yet so compelling,” she muses.

In Hellblade II, immerse yourself in the myth and torment of Viking Iceland as you battle demons to save the tormented. Experience stunning visuals and immersive audio as you experience the gripping tale of a Celtic warrior facing psychosis.

Supermarket Simulator

One of this year’s surprise hits, Supermarket Simulator, offers the perfect escape for Ratzie after a long day. “It’s my guilty pleasure game of the year. There’s something oddly satisfying about stocking shelves with cheese or manning the register,” she confesses

As the title suggests, you run your own supermarket—stocking shelves, hiring staff, and thwarting shoplifters.


Another Early Access game that has our team members excited is the recently released Serum. CCJ39, who whipped up the trainer for it, played the demo a while ago and was highly anticipating the release. With its intense atmosphere and vibes reminiscent of the movie In Time, he’s itching for a great storyline.

Serum is a heart-pounding survival adventure where every second counts. Extract serum to stay alive, battle mutated creatures, and solve intricate puzzles. Unravel dark mysteries and explore a devastated world, all while racing against a relentless timer on your arm.


Let’s end the blog with another one of JJ39’s favorite horror games so far this year: INDIKA. She created the trainer and found the story very intriguing, so she can’t wait to see where the nun’s journey will take her.

Prepare to be captivated as you journey through an alternate Russia where a young nun and the devil himself embark on a gripping quest of self-discovery amidst religious visions and the gritty backdrop of the XIX century. Unravel the mysteries and immerse yourself in this gripping third-person adventure.

Happy Gaming!