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Phasmophobia Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

Almost 400,000 “overwhelmingly positive” reviews on Steam speak for themselves: The horror game from Kinetic Games is a must for everyone who likes scary games. In our Phasmophobia tips and tricks, we’ll show you how to survive the ghost hunt unscathed and how to make progress in the game as quickly as possible.

1) Is there a ghost in the room?

There are some clues you can use to tell if there’s a ghost in the room in Phasmophobia. First of all, when you enter a room, keep an eye on the temperature. If it suddenly drops, you are on the trail of the paranormal. If you don’t have a measuring tool for that yet, you can also detect the drop by your breath.

The second indication is the acoustics. Sounds such as a beating heart, and a ringing telephone, but also footsteps or piano notes indicate that you’re not alone. But there are also visual hints. For example, if a door opens or closes by itself or the light starts to flicker, you keep your guard up.

2) Phasmophobia tips: How to stay alive

Timing is crucial when it comes to surviving in Phasmophobia. Because as soon as you stay in the house for more than five minutes, the ghosts become restless and increase their activity. Before that, you’ll only perceive them passively, but after the 5-minute mark has passed, they can also show themselves to you directly and attack you. Should this happen, escape is your first and best means of staying alive.

Therefore, work as quickly as possible to avoid dragging out your mission. When escaping, we recommend you estimate the distance to the front door. Because outside the building, the ghost can’t harm you anymore. But if you’re in a big house relatively far from the exit, then you need to hide. The best thing to do is to go into a closet, turn off your flashlight and wait for the ghost to go away.

To delay the screen death in Phasmophobia even further, the helpful items from your van will support you. Crucifix & co won’t defeat a ghost, but at least they buy you some time. Pills for your mental health have the same effect. Because instead of an HP bar, your avatar’s energy is your mind, so to speak. The longer you roam around the house, the more you lose it and eventually even start hallucinating.

Always keep an eye on your sanity. In addition to pills, you can also slow down its dwindling by spending a short time outside the house or in your van.

3) What helpful items and devices are there?

The horror game has quite a lot of gadgets ready for ghost hunting. In our Phasmophobia tips and tricks, we’ll go through them all and explain what they’re good for.

DOTS Projector

Let’s talk about the Phasmophobia DOTS projector. It’s part of the starting equipment and is an electronic device that can be used to unmask ghosts that move across it. Unlike other electrical items, it doesn’t activate when you hold it and doesn’t attract ghosts to your avatar. Starting at level 6, you have the option to increase your stock of DOTS projectors.

Its functionality is similar to a motion detector. You place it either on the wall or the floor and cover an area of 23 feet with it. Ghosts that are in that area are represented as grid-like figures by the green laser dots that the projector emits.

However, the actual direction of the ghost’s movement can vary. When the DOTS starts running, it only means that the ghost is within its 23 feet radius. You also need a camera to see a Goryo, all other apparitions are visible to the naked eye.

There’s no official version of what DOTS means. But among fans, the terms “Digital Optics Tracking System” or “Dots on the surface” have caught on. The latter is funny because the name of the device would virtually be part of its definition.


  • A candle offers you light and can be carried in your hand in addition to the flashlight. If you use both simultaneously, you’ll have a larger field of vision.
  • The crucifix can be used to reduce the aggressiveness of ghosts. There is also the side task of driving away ghosts with a crucifix.
  • The EMF Reader shows if you’re alone or if there’s a ghost near you with the help of its five lights. If it glows green, you’re safe, but if the color changes to red, you should make a run for it.
  • Use the flashlight to provide light. Ghosts are most comfortable in the dark, so when the power goes out, the flashlight is your best friend.
  • Let ghosts write in the Ghost Writing Book. Place it where you suspect the paranormal phenomenon and then ask the ghost with your voice to write something down.
  • With the help of a Glowstick, you can find fingerprints and footprints.
  • A Lighter is useful in several ways. Firstly, it gives you light when the power goes out, and secondly, you can use it to light candles and smudge sticks to slow down ghosts.
  • The infrared Motion Sensor can detect passing ghosts. As soon as one passes the sensor’s field of vision, it will show you.
  • With the Parabolic Microphone, you can detect sounds through walls. It works over a large distance.
  • With the photo camera, you can take pictures of ghosts in the best case, but mostly you fulfill optional side missions with it. It’s used to collect evidence.
  • Salt is used to reveal the footsteps of ghosts under a UV light.
  • Sanity pills restore your sanity. If it’s too low, you’ll see ghosts where there are none. However, they are relatively expensive, so you should be careful with them.
  • Smudge sticks prevent ghosts from attacking you for a certain period. However, this only affects the ghosts that are currently in the room where you lit the stick.
  • With Sound Sensor, you’ll hear the quietest sounds and vibrations in the air.
  • The Spirit Box is used for communication. Phasmophobia has voice recognition, so you can speak to ghosts with your voice. Questions like “How old are you?” or “What’s your weak spot?” can be asked. The box recognizes about 100 different questions in English.
  • The Strong Flashlight is an upgraded version of the normal Flashlight and is more helpful in larger areas.
  • As mentioned above, you can detect ghosts by temperature drops. The Thermometer helps you with that.
  • The Tripod in Phasmophobia allows you to place your camera freely. This means that you’re no longer dependent on cupboards and tables and can choose the perspective yourself.
  • The UV lamp can find tracks for you to follow. It makes fingerprints as well as footprints and handprints visible.
  • The video camera allows you to keep an eye on a room in which you’re currently not. Place it where you want and then follow the action from a safe distance via the screen in your van.

4) How to earn money in Phasmophobia

Besides your XP, money is the most important resource in Phasmophobia. You need it to buy new and better equipment, and when your avatar dies, you also need to reacquire the items lost in the process. You get paid for completing main and side quests. Especially the random missions that are assigned to you at the beginning of a new game earn you good money.

However, photos of ghostly apparitions can also be a good source of income. Our tip is to get your camera as soon as possible and then capture prints, bones, dirty water in sinks, and ghost interactions. Of course, a snapshot of the ghost itself brings you the most cash.

5) Tips on Phasmophobia tarot cards

Tarot cards were patched into Phasmophobia through an update and bring a certain random element to the game. They are cursed items that spawn with a certain probability. You’ll mainly find them on tables and cabinets or countertops in kitchens. However, they don’t stand out from other items, so sometimes they can be quite difficult to find.

Each deck you find contains 10 cards that are drawn randomly. They can have either positive or negative properties and can relate to both you as a player and the spirits. When used, they burn in a certain color and disappear. However, you can only use them in one building.

The following list gives you information about the color and effect of all cards:

  • “The Sun” (yellow) – Sanity is restored to 100%
  • “The Moon” (white) – Sanity drops to 0%
  • “The Tower” (blue) – Causes an interaction
  • “The Wheel Of Fortune” (green or red) – Sanity changes by 25%
  • “The Devil” (reddish pink) – Ghost Event is triggered
  • “The Hermit” (blue) – The Ghost is teleported to its ghost room
  • “The High Priestess” (yellow) – A player is revived
  • “The Hanged Man” (colorless) – Player dies instantly
  • “Death” (purple) – A Curse Hunt is triggered
  • “The Fool” (pink) – Has no effect

“The Wheel Of Fortune” has the peculiarity that depending on its color, the card either adds (green) or subtracts (red) sanity. By the way, “The High Priestess” works even if death has not yet occurred. However, the chance of pulling it is only 1%.

Also rare is “The Hermit” with only a 2% chance. It’s also worth mentioning that the duration for which the ghost is held captive in the ghost room is one minute.

“The Fool” initially shows up as one of the other cards and only shows its true colors when you burn it. It has no effect. When it appears, nothing happens.

Hunt ghosts with PLITCH!

With the help of our Phasmophobia tips and tricks, you’ll be well prepared for the in-game horror, and getting started shouldn’t be too difficult. Since grinding for equipment and completing tasks – especially on the higher difficulty levels – can be very stressful, PLITCH’s Phasmophobia cheats will help you. For example, you can buy items for free or increase your movement speed for a better escape.

To make the rooms less scary, you can also make your lights brighter and open or close all the doors. And if you don’t want to lose your mind, we also offer you a Godmode.

Happy Gaming!