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Important Sunkenland Tips and Tricks For Beginners

  • from PLITCH
  • 13.02.2024

The open-world survival game from Vector3 Studio has become a Steam hit in a very short time. In our Sunkenland tips and tricks, we show you how to survive in the post-apocalypse, which items are most important, and why you shouldn’t go swimming at night.

1) Build with scrap metal

In the construction menu, you have two options for the permanent structures of your houses: On the left, you’ll see elements made of wood, and on the right, those made of metal. Wood is a renewable resource, but at the beginning of the game, it’s still quite scarce and extremely important. Therefore, we recommend that you use scrap metal.

You can find metal underwater in rusty cars, but also in many other remnants of the old world. Also, scrap metal is more durable than wood, making your houses more resilient. You’ll find enough of it around your starting island to build a small base.

2) Don’t swim at night

The sun gives warmth, but the moon does not. Sounds simple, but it’s a piece of wisdom you should heed. At night, temperatures – especially water temperatures – drop rapidly, and going swimming in the dark can cost you your life.

Sunkenland tips: Don’t swim at night

Make the most of the daylight hours in Sunkenland, and only go swimming when the sun is shining. Nighttime is the best time to expand and plan your base. The evening hours are also a good time for cooking and crafting.

3) Sunkenland tips: Craft fins

Speaking of crafting, one of the first items you should craft in Sunkenland is fins. They will allow you to move much faster in the cool water.

Not only does this make exploration more enjoyable, but it also ensures that you can collect more material with the same amount of oxygen. For the simplest type of fins, you’ll need two ropes and three marlin skins.

4) These items are important

  • Barrels: You’ll need a lot of fuel during the game. Look for barrels near machines and sunken ships.
  • Backpack: For more capacity, you should make a sack first and then a normal or military backpack as soon as possible.
  • Gasoline-driven boat: Pedal boats and sailboats aren’t bad to start with, but as soon as you have the materials for them, we recommend the motor or naval boat).
  • Red Dot Sight: For better aiming, you should equip your hunting rifle and stun SMG with a red dot sight.

5) Build a temporary base

As mentioned before, it gets cold after dark in Sunkenland. This is where the survival aspect of the game comes in. Build a base on the very first day to survive the night. A foundation and some walls will do. Then add a grill or a floor lamp to your hut and you’re done.

6) Gather everything on the starting island

Now we come to the most important point of our Sunkenland tips and tricks: Collect everything you can. The game even makes it easy for you: The map shows you the percentage of each hotspot you’ve already looted. The first thing to do is to completely clear out your starting island. Then you can explore the other land areas.

7) Wood is precious

Wood is not only a building and crafting material. It’s also one of the most important resources for your survival. You need it to cook and to purify water. If you want to survive in Sunkenland, you need to make sure you have a steady supply. Once you find planting boxes, your task is to grow trees continuously.

8) Build markers

The ocean is big and wide. You may want to visit some areas more than once. It’s a good idea to place markers at special hotspots so you don’t lose track.

You’ll also need a marker flag if you want to claim an island as your own. Once all the enemies on an island have been eliminated, you can ram it into the ground to mark your territory.

9) Customize your flags

You can change the color of each flag in Sunkenland. You should use this to better structure your territories. In our game, we used blue to mark underwater areas, green to mark our base and other safe zones, and red to mark dangerous areas. How you organize your colors is up to you, of course.

10) Other Sunkenland Tips

Finally, we’d like to give you some useful tips that will make the game easier for you and ensure your survival.

  • Your first official act in the game should be to make a spear.
  • Make an axe as soon as you can.
  • Trading posts mean good loot.
  • Eat strawberries and mushrooms in the beginning.
  • Gather all the seeds you can find.
  • Build a water purifier, a fishing net, and a planter as early as possible.

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With our Sunkenland tips and tricks, you have a good basis for your stay in Waterworld. The Sunkenland cheats from PLITCH will help you to customize your adventure and adjust the game to your needs. For example, fill up on oxygen so you don’t drown, or activate free building to build the base of your dreams.

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Happy Gaming!