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theHunter Call of the Wild Money Making Tips

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

Phew, a hunting license is really expensive. Did you just download theHunter: Call of the Wild and you’re already broke? Don’t worry, this is quite normal. The complex hunting simulation is not exactly beginner-friendly.

In our theHunter Call of the Wild Money Making Tips, we’ll show you how to make money quickly as a beginner and which factors influence your income.

1) theHunter Call of the Wild Money tips: How do you earn it?

The in-game currency in theHunter: Call of the Wild is simply called money or cash. You use it to buy new weapons and better equipment. Especially hunting big animals like bears requires good equipment – and that costs money.

As a hunter, you earn your money mainly by killing animals. How much money you get depends on the type of animal and how good you are at hunting. A clean shot to the heart will earn you more money than a riddled duck full of buckshot.

In addition, there are rewards in the form of equipment and money when completing missions and challenges.

2) Beginner tip: How to earn money fast in the beginning

New hunters earn money the fastest by killing Canadian geese. The DLC “Wild Goose Chase” expands your repertoire with dummy geese and camouflage tents which make hunting a breeze. If you bought theHunter in a bundle, the popular expansion is sure to be included.

Travel to Hirschfelden and look for wide and open grasslands, pastures, or agricultural areas. Place the dummies there and pitch your camouflage tent at a safe distance from them. Use the geese decoy to attract the attention of the flock of birds to the dummy geese. Preferably shoot the more valuable males just before they land.

3) The scoring system – How much money do you get for each animal?

A shot animal is valued in two ways in theHunter. On the one hand, there is the species-specific evaluation, which focuses, e.g., on the beauty of the antlers or the animal’s weight.

On the other hand, realism comes into play with the shooting score. It shows how you’ve killed the game (keyword: “ethical hunting“).

Unlike modern shooters, the headshot in theHunter doesn’t give you the most points. After all, you’re a hunter who has to combine animal welfare and profitability. So, try to hit vital organs like the heart or the cervical spine. The longer the animal survives after a shot, the more it suffers. This will also lower your score and your income.

As in real life, you want as little game as possible to be destroyed by the shot in theHunter. So, use an appropriate rifle with suitable ammunition for each animal. The information about which caliber you need for an animal can be found in the codex.

4) The best animals to earn a lot of money in theHunter

  • Reindeer: In the sixth hunting ground, Hemmeldal, you will come across herds of reindeer. Sneak up on them against the wind, as the animals can smell very well. Alternatively, you can choose a raised blind and attract the reindeer with luring calls. As with almost all animal species, males bring you more money than females.
  • Water buffalo: These aggressive and territorial animals live in Parque Fernando. They also have a very good sense of smell, but in return can see very poorly. Males sometimes roam the countryside on their own. Hunting them is very difficult and a class 9 weapon is recommended for it.
  • Pronghorn: You can find these sand-colored animals on the map Silver Ridge Peaks. The best thing to do there is to search the two lakes for tracks. From 8:00 to 10:30 they are often found in a large group. Shoot the largest one first and follow the rest of the flock until they calm down.
  • Turkey: Whitehart Island and Settlers Creeks are teeming with turkeys. You have a good chance of catching many of them if you find them drinking water between 3:00 and 4:30 pm. In addition, the birds respond to decoy calls and are easily fooled by decoys.
  • Plains Bison: One of the largest mammals in North America can be found in Yukon Valley. They also travel in herds. Observe their behavior and adjust your hunting time and tactics accordingly. You should hunt them before they’ve retired to the shelter of the forest.
  • Fallow deer: Observe the areas of Hirschfelden, Hirschdorf and the eastern Königsberg am See. If you’re targeting small ones, choose .243 caliberlarger ones call for .270. You should stalk or wait while sitting on a raised blind.
  • Red deer: The king of the forest is, contrary to its title, a very shy animal. But the rewards are good when you kill a male. Its habitat is also in Hirschfelden. Red deer are usually killed by sitting hunts or drive hunts. You can get within a maximum of 20 yards before the animal tracks you and flees.
  • Mountain Lion: Use the predator’s lure “wounded fawn” to lure the wildcat and take it out with a class 3 weapon. To hunt the cougar or mountain lion, you should go in the early morning hours or at dusk. Pumas are solitary animals and can be found in Parque Fernando.
  • Gray Wolf / Iberian Wolf: Shooting these pack animals is also very well rewarded. You can find them in Yukon Valley or Cuatro Colinas. They are also attracted by a predator lure whistle. For the gray wolves, you can use class 3 weapons, while the larger Iberian wolf can be encountered with class 6 weapons.

Is there a way to earn money in theHunter even faster?

In no other game has the illusion of being a real hunter been achieved as good as in theHunter. It is incredibly fun to walk through the beautiful game world, read tracks and wait for the game. With our tips, you shouldn’t run out of money. And if you do, just farm a bit to obtain some cash. It’s best to combine missions and challenges with farming, so you get rewarded twice.

Do you have little time for gaming? Or are you already an advanced professional hunter and don’t want to wait and grind all the time? Then take a look at PLITCH’s theHunter cheats.

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Happy Gaming!