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The 13 Best Simulation Games on PC

  • from PLITCH
  • 20.06.2024

Get ready to dive into the world of simulation games, where you can manage everything from a Formula 1 team to a bustling supermarket. These top picks will transport you to exciting, immersive experiences that range from relaxing to exhilarating. Let’s explore the best simulation games out there!

F1 Manager 2023

the best simulation games: f1 manager 2023

If you’re a fan of Formula 1 and simulation games, F1 Manager 2023 is the game for you! It brings the adrenaline-fueled action of the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship™ right to your fingertips. With 23 intense races, six exhilarating F1® sprint events, all-new cars, and tracks like the dazzling Las Vegas Strip Circuit, it leaves nothing to be desired.

As Team Principal, you’re in charge of every detail – managing one of 10 iconic F1® teams on your terms. Detailed management systems put you in control of your drivers, staff, and car development. If you loved F1® Manager 22, you’ll enjoy this installment even more. Improved ERS systems, driver preparation, and the new parts durability feature enhance the experience despite some minor UI hiccups.

Supermarket Simulator

The 2024 Early Access title Supermarket Simulator has to be one of the most surprising releases of the year. It became incredibly popular seemingly overnight and has been featured by many Twitch streamers. As the title suggests, this game is all about managing your own supermarket.

Design your store from scratch, optimize for efficiency, maximize aesthetics, and watch as your store transforms into a shopping haven. For some reason, it gets addictive pretty quickly and we couldn’t stop playing, so it definitely deserves its place among the best simulation games.

Let’s School

Realize your dream of running a school with Let’s School, a simulation game that puts you in charge of reviving and managing your alma mater. This game brilliantly combines the thrill of designing and building your dream school with the intricate management of student and teacher dynamics. Your mission? Balance your school’s reputation while meeting the needs of your students, and be ready to tackle mysterious dangers that threaten to throw your well-oiled machine into chaos.

If you love games like The Sims, especially the decorating and building aspects, you’ll find the construction in this game to be a delightful challenge. The game’s management focus is captivating, and we lost countless hours immersed in it. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for future updates!


Fans of factory-building games like Satisfactory should definitely check out the 2023 Early Access title Techtonica. In this first-person adventure, you’ll embark on a journey that begins with basic tools for mining and resource gathering, but that’s just the beginning. Set against a backdrop of stunning, alien landscapes and vibrant flora, Techtonica invites you to explore its cavernous realms while unraveling the mysteries of the rogue planet Calyx.

At its core, Techtonica offers a refreshing take on factory automation. Construct intricate networks of conveyors and inserters to streamline production and optimize your operations. With its promising art direction, compelling lore, and community-driven development approach, Techtonica is poised to make a lasting impression in the realm of exploration and factory simulation games.

Kebab Chefs! – Restaurant Simulator

As we all know, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. And Kebab Chefs has definitely managed to capture our hearts with its incredibly fun gameplay that also makes us hungry every time. Step into the shoes of a master chef and restaurant tycoon as you build, cook, and conquer the city’s kebab scene.

Start by designing your dream restaurant, from the layout of the tables to the ambiance that will keep customers coming back for more. Experiment with your menu, tweak recipes to perfection and watch your income soar as satisfied customers spread the word of your culinary prowess.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Even though the game was released in 2012, we still regularly return to Euro Truck Simulator 2 and take a few hours to relax as we drive our truck and deliver cargo across the scenic landscapes of Europe.  From the bustling streets of London to the winding roads of the Italian countryside, every mile brings new challenges and rewards.

Build your trucking empire from the ground up, expanding your fleet, hiring drivers, and managing your logistics empire to maximize profits. But amidst the challenges lies the true beauty of the game – the sense of freedom and adventure that comes with being a trucker. Whether you’re chasing deadlines or just taking in the scenery, ETS2 offers a unique blend of realism and escapism that will keep you coming back for more and make it one of the best simulation games we’ve ever played.

theHunter: Call of the Wild

If you’re looking for a realistic hunting simulation, theHunter: Call of the Wild is the game for you. Immerse yourself in a stunning open world and embark on a unique hunting adventure. Explore incredibly detailed environments, each teeming with diverse flora and fauna, and unlock the secrets of complex animal behavior.

Feel the thrill of the hunt as you navigate through dynamic weather patterns and day/night cycles. Engage your senses with realistic acoustics and scents carried by the wind. With an array of weapons, ammunition, and gear at your disposal, an exciting hunting experience awaits.

Farming Simulator 22

Another game that has definitely earned its place on our list of the best simulation games is Farming Simulator 22. Dive into a realm of farming, animal husbandry, and forestry that spans all four seasons, with winter bringing its unique challenges. Build the farm of your dreams, expand your operations with intricate production chains, and watch your agricultural empire flourish.

Whether you want to cultivate vineyards in the Mediterranean south of France or nurture an animal sanctuary in the European Alps, Farming Simulator 22 makes it possible. Experience a host of gameplay enhancements and a new character creator to bring your personalized farmer avatar to life.

House Flipper

Do you love the idea of renovating houses, but prefer to do it from the comfort of your computer screen rather than in real life? Then it’s time to pick up House Flipper and become a one-person renovation crew! Revitalize dilapidated houses and turn them into lucrative gems!

Armed with your trusty toolkit – a versatile arsenal of paint rollers, hammers, mops, and more – you’re ready to tear down walls and breathe new life into worn-out spaces. The experience you gain translates into skill upgrades, ensuring that no renovation task is too daunting. Whether you’re building your dream home, helping your neighbors renovate, or indulging in a little creative demolition, the possibilities are endless. We also highly recommend House Flipper 2!

Goat Simulator 3

Who let the goats out? Of course, an installment of the Goat Simulator franchise should never be missing from a list of the best simulation games. Step into this crazy world and embrace your inner goat as you headbutt, lick, and triple-jump your way through new challenges and events. Customize your goat with a variety of hilarious gear to show off your unique “style” with toilet roll capes, jetpacks, and more.

Wreak havoc on unsuspecting NPCs and play with fire, electricity, and alien goo to push the boundaries of this wacky universe. Uncover hidden secrets, quests, and collectibles in the massive sandbox while trying out new modes of transportation like grinding, driving, or even explosive propulsion. This may be the craziest game we’ve ever played, and we’re loving every minute of it!

PC Building Simulator

The dream of many gamers is to build their own PC, and PC Building Simulator lets you do just that and more! Build your empire from the ground up in Career Mode, where you’ll assemble and repair PCs while navigating the intricacies of the industry.

But it’s the Free Build mode that’s the real deal, where you can assemble the rig of your wildest dreams without worrying about the price tag. Pick components from a huge selection and push your hardware to its limits. Fine-tune every aspect with precision, increase your expertise, amplify your passion, and enjoy the exhilarating thrill of creating the ultimate custom rig.

Drug Dealer Simulator

If you want to experience a similar thrill to that of Walter White in Breaking Bad,but without the real-world consequences, then Drug Dealer Simulator is for you.  Embark on a journey from a dingy hideout to becoming the mastermind of your own drug empire.

Navigate the dangerous landscape of the drug trade, evading law enforcement and rival cartels. Make deals, from discreet sales to high-stakes exchanges with gangs. Stay sharp – danger lurks around every corner, and the relentless DEA is hot on your trail.

Thief Simulator

A different criminal career path can be explored in Thief Simulator, where you step into the shoes of a cunning burglar. Roam through sandbox neighborhoods, mastering the art of theft with precision and strategy. Your success depends on keen observation and meticulous planning. Study your targets, decipher their routines, and evade nosy neighbors.

Equip yourself with the latest burglar tools and learn the tricks of the trade. Every house holds secrets and treasures waiting to be plundered, but timing is everything. Stay alert; unexpected encounters can lead you into a high-stakes game of hide-and-seek with the law. With each daring heist, you become the ultimate thief, mastering the art of stealing one carefully planned heist at a time.

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