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10 F1 Manager 2023 Tips To Win Every Race

  • from PLITCH
  • 16.02.2024

The Netflix documentary Drive to Survive showed that races are not only decided on the track but also behind the scenes. With the help of our F1 Manager 2023 tips and tricks, you can become the next Günther Steiner or Bodo Wolff in the latest game from Frontier Developments. We’ll show you how to develop the best strategy and lead your drivers to the world championship.

1) Keep the overview

No matter how good and well thought out your tactics are in F1 Manager 2023, changing weather or chaotic racing can put them to the test. As a team leader, it’s your job to keep a cool head and stay on top of things. Respond to accidents on the track and use the safety car periods to adjust your tactics.

F1 Manager 2023 tips: Keep the overview

When the sun unexpectedly turns to rain, you must decide whether to gamble or play it safe. Do you trust your driver to maintain grip on slicks and give you a time advantage? Or is the value of his confidence too low, so you schedule a pit stop? Use the different camera angles to see what’s happening on the track at all times. Above all, don’t panic!

2) F1 Manager 2023 tips: Strategy and training

Even though F1 Manager 2023 focuses on realism and authenticity in many aspects, some aspects differ from reality. You can take advantage of these differences in your race strategy. For example, tire wear isn’t as pronounced as in a real race.

If you would use medium tires in real life, you can try slicks in the game. Similarly, instead of a hard compound, a medium compound is a good choice for the start of the race. And there’s something else that will give your drivers a few extra miles per hour that would be unthinkable in a real race: the amount of fuel. In the game, it’s possible to manage your fuel consumption so that you cross the finish line with an almost empty tank, finishing the race but not making it to the pits.

In real Formula 1, this would result in disqualification. In F1 Manager 2023, it makes you lighter and faster. In the training sessions, we recommend that you don’t fully simulate the test drives. While they won’t help you qualify for the race, they will boost your driver’s confidence if they go well. The more confidence you have in your own abilities, the more difficult orders you can give the rest of the race weekend.

3) Driver affinity

In direct comparison to its predecessor, there is an interesting innovation in F1 Manager 2023. The race engineers influence the morale of your drivers. This means that if your drivers have had a good experience with a constructor in the real world, they will get a confidence bonus if you let them work together. So the structure of the race team can increase or decrease the effectiveness of your orders.

But even if your drivers don’t have an affinity yet, it doesn’t mean you have to abandon the combination. Mutual trust can develop over time. You should never replace a good driver or a talented designer just because they don’t have an affinity yet.

4) Use your scouts

In the 2022 version, scouting was a stepmotherly feature in career mode. However, F1 Manager 2023 expects you to use it if you want to become a world champion. A 30-day campaign gives you in-depth information about drivers’ salaries and their preferences for signing bonuses.

You’ll also know their preferred contract length and be able to get a good deal faster than if you were negotiating on the fly. If you make too many unattractive offers, the driver will eventually lose interest in negotiating with you and drop out as a potential contract partner.

5) Meet sponsorship goals for more money

One of our most financially lucrative F1 Manager 2023 tips and tricks concerns sponsor goals. You should read them carefully before each race and accept the ones you are sure you can meet. This will earn you bonuses and increase your budget. However, there is a risk that you’ll be penalized if you fail to meet a promised goal. So think twice before accepting them.

6) How to have a good start

The first lap is one of the most critical parts of a race. Therefore, your start settings are important in F1 Manager 2023. Have your drivers drive aggressively in the beginning and push them forward. Take full advantage of the Energy Recovery System (ERS). Your fuel gauge will tell you that you’re using too much fuel, but this can be compensated for later with the Drag Reduction System (DRS). Also, as mentioned earlier, there’s nothing wrong with running your tank completely empty.

You set the aggressiveness of your drivers in F1 Manager 2023 in the same window where you set your strategy before the race. Don’t worry about tire wear at the start. A good position after the first lap is more important than saving material. Take full advantage of the engine’s thrust mode and give your drivers all the tools they need to win the first few minutes.

7) Race tips

The level of difficulty of the races in F1 Manager 2023 is significantly influenced by the chosen team. In the detailed views, the quality of the team is indicated by a star rating. You can also see the team’s target ranking. In the races themselves, your performance depends on the setup of the cars, your strategy, and the confidence of the drivers.

When your drivers set good lap times or successfully overtake, their morale will rise and they will be more responsive to your commands. Conversely, an overtaking maneuver by an opponent will lower their confidence. In Starting Grid mode, you can gain an advantage by reading up on how the real race went. If you know when it’s going to rain or when another driver is going to crash, you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Be sure to keep your tires at the optimum temperature. A blue color indicates that they are too cold and a red color indicates that they are too hot. Temperature has a direct effect on wear and handling. In the best case, it’s indicated to you with a white color. Before you start the Cup, you should read the track information carefully and be aware of any special features.

Paying attention to what the commentator says will give you a good overview and inform you if something unusual happens. By the way, F1 Manager 2023 has sprint races again after they were missing in the previous game. To get the A Sprint, No Marathon trophy, you need to complete at least one.

8) Train your pit crew

Also different from the 2022 game is the management of your pit crew. They can now be trained to change tires faster and more accurately. However, you have to be careful with the mechanics. If you push them too hard, they’ll get tired and make more mistakes than if you hadn’t trained them at all.

You manage the training in F1 Manager 2023 with the help of the sports director. He will help you decide which areas of the stop your people should focus on. Make sure you have a good balance between clearing cars and changing tires. The better your guys get, the better their chances of winning the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Competition.

9) Keep an eye on the safety car and the weather

Even the best F1 Manager 2023 strategy needs to be rethought when conditions change. An unforeseen accident or car parts on the track will cause the race organizers to send out the safety car. As soon as this happens, you need to hit the pause button and analyze the situation. Get an overview and explore your options.

If your drivers haven’t pitted yet, bring them in and give them new tires. Also, you can now take full advantage of the Drag Reduction System to save fuel. Overtaking is prohibited during this phase anyway. Your focus should be on conserving as much fuel as possible. This means aggressiveness and ERS at zero. But as soon as the safety car leaves the track, all changes have to be reversed.

The weather in F1 Manager 2023 also requires your attention. If it gets wet, you need a firmer tire compound. On the other hand, if it’s just a few temporary drops, you may want to temporarily curb your drivers’ aggressiveness and stick with softer rubber. Your decision depends on where your drivers are when the weather changes. If they are close to the pits, a quick change may be advantageous.

10) Research and development

You can’t compete in F1 Manager 2023 without improved parts. Take advantage of your time in the wind tunnel and give your research department work to advance the development of your cars. Keep in mind that there is a budget cap. It was already there in the last part, but now it’s even stricter. Just like in real Formula 1, this is to prevent a team from simply buying victory with the necessary amount of money.

Your time in the wind tunnel will be reset at regular intervals. In any case, you should always use it up completely before it’s replenished, so that not a single minute is lost. Partial research is also important to get a better start in the next season. Overall, you should try to balance the short- and long-term development as much as possible and research both areas to a reasonable degree.

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Our F1 Manager 2023 tips and tricks are a good basis for developing your strategies and being prepared for different race situations. In addition, thanks to PLITCH’s F1 Manager 2023 cheats, you can customize your F1 experience. The championships can be made easier or more difficult.

Determine the condition of the gearbox, engine, and tires or adjust the function of the ERS to your liking. Increase your budget and deactivate the cap to have no restrictions on setups. You can also set the fuel weight for both your drivers and the AI.

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Happy Gaming!