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theHunter Call of the Wild Tips on Hunting

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

If hunting in RDR2 isn’t complex enough for you, you’ll get your money’s worth in theHunter. The game promises lots of fun with its dense atmosphere and an open world in which you can let off steam like a real hunter.

To make sure that you’ll have an easy start and indeed end up being the hunter and not the prey, we’ll give you the most useful theHunter Call of the Wild tips for the perfect hunt.

1) Hunting tips

Let’s start with some general tips that will make your life in the open world easier. First of all, you need to know that theHunter is a hunting simulation – with emphasis on the word simulation. So, what is true in reality is also true in the game for the most part. For example, animals have a sensitive sense of smell. Pay attention to the wind direction, so that your scent won’t give away your location.

Also, patience is a virtue in theHunter. If you hustle or take a reckless approach, you’ll scare the animals away and won’t succeed. We will show you how to get around this at the end of the article.

But not only your smell can betray you. Of course, your prey must not see you either. Search your surroundings for possible hiding places and lie in wait secretly. Hills, caves, trees, or other vegetation can be perfect for this.

theHunter Call of the Wild tips

Our next tip is to learn how to read and interpret tracks. Every animal leaves its own prints. The wider and longer they are, the bigger the wild animal is. In addition, the distance between the prints plays a role. If the distance between the paw or hoof prints is small, then the animal felt safe and walked leisurely. However, if the distance is large, then the game was running and fleeing in fear.

A successful hunter in theHunter – Call of the Wild not only observes their surroundings with their eyes but also listens carefully. If you hear rustling, then something is very close to you. Also, animals make unique sounds such as a roar or scream. Memorize these carefully and try to pinpoint the source of the sound when you hear it.

Let’s move on to flushing, a fairly new component of the game that makes theHunter even more realistic. It is possible to make pheasants perform their natural escape behavior. If you press x near them to whistle, they will run away from the sound source, and if you fire a shot in their direction, they will even move their wings and attempt to fly.

You can use this mechanic to flush entire flocks or lure them in a certain direction. However, the pheasants are programmed to prefer running instead of flying. They are not very good flyers. So, you’ll have to scare them pretty hard to get them to do what you want.

If you want to attract animals and not scare them away in theHunter, we recommend two options: Decoys and lures. The latter is used to imitate the acoustic behavior of animals. By making their characteristic sounds with the help of certain luring whistles, you will arouse their interest and they will come close to you.

However, you can also use scents or decoys to achieve this goal. For example, ducks or geese attract a variety of larger animals. Put them in an open spot, take cover, and wait for your prey to show itself.

Last but not least, in terms of hunting, we recommend that you move quietly. Be careful not to make any noise, if possible, when you’re in a hunting area. Fast movements, the wrong ground, or walking through dense foliage can give you away. Therefore, look at the movement patterns of your prey and determine a route as quietly as possible to best target them.

2) theHunter Call of the Wild tips on weapons

In our theHunter – Call of the Wild tips for the perfect hunt, we must of course also talk about weapons. You will only be successful if you use the right tool to hunt down an animal. First of all, here are some general tips again:

Always reload after you shoot. Nothing is worse than being in the perfect position to pull the trigger, but not having a bullet in the barrel. Also, keep an eye on the animal classes so you choose the right weapon for the prey. Otherwise, with a wrong one, there will be a point deduction.

King 470DB Zenith

As for rifles, we recommend the King 470DB Zenith for big game like buffalo, or the Rangemaster 338 if you’re after bison. Regarding rifles, you can hunt smaller bears with a Whitlock Model 86 without hesitation, and with the 7mm Regent Magnum you will be as accurate as a sniper even at long ranges.

Grelck Drilling Rifle

Among the shotguns, the Grelck Drilling Rifle deserves special attention. You can use it both as a shotgun and a normal rifle, as it changes between both types of ammunition at the press of a button. The most powerful shotgun is the Miller Model 1981, but its strength comes at a price – it takes a long time to reload.

Rhino 454

If you need to move quickly, for example, because you only want to defend yourself instead of attacking, you should carry a short-barreled weapon. With the Rhino 454, you are well equipped. With it, you can defend yourself very well and also go hunting for big game. It’s the perfect all-rounder.

.44 Panther Magnum

Alternatively, we recommend a .44 Panther Magnum. It is easy to use and ideal protection in case of emergency. Among the bows, the Bearclaw Lite CB-60 is a very good choice, as you may shoot all classes of animals with it without losing points. The same goes for the Crosspoint CB-165 crossbow, which is our tip for you among the weapons in this category.

3) Reserves / hunting areas in the base game

Need zones or need areas are the be-all and end-all for your success in the wilderness in theHunter. The more you discover, the more you learn about the drinking and eating behavior of the animals and where their respective population is the largest.

In addition, the so-called hunting pressure influences it. If it increases, then a need zone can become smaller or, in the worst case, dissolve completely. However, when the pressure decreases, the zone becomes larger again or reappears in another place.

At the beginning of theHunter, we recommend you to stay in easy areas like Hirschfelden. There, your starting weapons will be most effective and besides, it is modeled after the mixed forest of German-Polish areas in late summer.

When you’ve poached enough there and are experienced at hunting, you can move on to the Layton Lake District. This region is based on the moors and mixed forests of the USA and thus has a completely different fauna – such as moose.

Experience the perfect hunt with PLITCH

The hunting adventure theHunter – Call of the Wild is no comparison to the rather superficial hunting gameplay of other games. Unlike in those games, hunting is not an accessory, but the actual game content. Plus, since developer Expansive Worlds was focused on the simulation aspect, the game is extremely realistic.

With our theHunter Call of the Wild tips for the perfect hunt, you should be able to get started easily and be prepared for the worst. However, since hunting is a sport of patience and sometimes you just don’t have time to lie in wait for minutes without anything happening, we at PLITCH want to give you some practical theHunter Call of the Wild cheats that will simplify the game enormously.

Customize your hunting experience by, for example, changing the time, increasing the experience value of your respective weapon, or influencing the AI of the animals. The possibilities we offer you are as limitless as the wilderness in the game.

For more information on PLITCH and our cheats, check out this blog and our YouTube channel.

Happy Gaming!