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Anno 1800 Diplomacy Guide: Best Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 31.01.2024

In the world of Anno 1800, you are never completely alone, even if you don’t compete against other players in multiplayer mode because AI-controlled units populate the map and present you with various challenges.

However, you can choose whether you fight the AI units or ally with them, for which diplomacy plays an important role in Anno 1800. In this guide, we’ll show you how the Anno 1800 Diplomacy system works and why you need Diplomacy in Anno 1800.

The role of Diplomacy in Anno 1800

When negotiating with other factions or characters in Anno 1800, their reaction depends on your reputation. The higher your reputation with the respective faction or characters, the more favorable their reaction to your request will usually be.

Reputation not only refers to relations with other factions but also influences the relationship between AI characters. This is because reputation varies constantly, as their actions influence the opinion of other characters.

Therefore, in the course of a longer game, it is quite likely that certain characters will break previously made treaties or even wage war against each other. Reputation is of great importance in the context of diplomatic relations and allows you to conclude treaties with other parties, among other things.

Why do you need Diplomacy in Anno 1800?

If you improve your reputation in Anno 1800, you can negotiate contracts with factions you have diplomatic relations with. The following options are available to you:

  • Form an alliance: After allying, its allies will now stand up for each other. This means that in the event of an attack, you can count on the support of your allies. Even if you declare war on another faction, your allies will faithfully stand by your side. To establish an alliance, you will first need a reputation of at least 80 points, though.
  • Agree on trade rights: New characters or factions in the world of Anno 1800 are not direct trading partners from the start. First, you have to negotiate a required trade pact. The higher your reputation with a faction, the easier it is to negotiate with them. But some characters make relatively low demands on trading partners but tie their agreement to different conditions.
  • Negotiate a peace treaty: A peace treaty with another faction ensures that the two involved parties do not wage war on each other. Peace treaties are signed for an initially undefined period but can be canceled at any time. Negotiating a peace treaty with an aggressive faction requires more points than negotiating with a peaceful one.
  • Agree on non-aggression pacts: In Anno 1800, you have the option to agree on non-aggression pacts with all factions. They are valid for an agreed period and usually cost a large sum of money.
  • Declare war on a faction: You always have the option to declare war on one of the other factions. However, before deciding on taking such a drastic step, you should first be sure that your troops are superior to those of the opponent. You can find information about your troop strength in the diplomacy menu. And if you ever declare war on another alliance, you should also have allies on your side, as such a move will make you many enemies in one fell swoop.

The Anno 1800 Diplomacy menu

In the Anno 1800 diplomacy menu, you get an overview of how high your reputation is with other factions as well as being able to interact with them directly from the menu. Clicking on a character with the left mouse button lets you assign an action to them, or clicking with the right mouse button allows you to negotiate treaties.

Anno 1800 Diplomacy

Influencing neutral factions is not possible, nor is canceling trade agreements. You also cannot declare war on them, which is why neutral factions are not displayed in the diplomacy menu.

In the lower-left corner of the Anno 1800 diplomacy menu, you will find a list of all the opponents you have already met during the game. Below their images, you can see your current reputation with each character in the form of a numerical value between 0 and 100.

This helps you figure out which factions you should improve your reputation with before trying to negotiate a peace treaty or a non-aggression pact.

Your diplomatic actions affect your reputation

Diplomacy plays an extremely important role in Anno 1800. While you can win many battles without allies, having an army of supporters at your side makes future conflicts much easier. The following actions can help improve your reputation with a faction or character in Anno 1800:

  • Flattering: Attempting to endear yourself to others is completely free, but only slightly affects your reputation.
  • Insulting: Insults will cause your reputation to drop, so you should only make use of them if you want to provoke a war.
  • Offering gifts: You can significantly increase your reputation by offering gifts. But you should note that gifts sometimes come at a high cost.
  • Offering help: If you offer your help to others, you can unlock various side quests. If you turn them down, your reputation can drop dramatically at times.

To improve your reputation with other characters and factions, you should always consider what kind of character or faction they are. For example, while some factions react negatively to you building up an army, other factions will react positively. Depending on who you want to improve your reputation with, you should think about a strategy for doing so in advance.

In addition, numerous other actions can also improve your reputation. For example, some factions will appreciate it if you sink a pirate ship, and completing side quests can increase your reputation with several factions at once.

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