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How to make money in Anno 1800: Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 31.01.2024

Money rules the (in-game) world: Only with sufficient financial means can a simple village become a flourishing metropolis in Anno 1800. In our tips and tricks, we’ll show you how to make money in Anno 1800!

What do you need money for in Anno 1800?

Constructing buildings, expanding road and traffic networks, and opening production facilities: Just like in real life, this also costs a lot of money in the digital realms of Anno 1800.

Once you’ve built up your civilization, it needs to be sustained, upgraded, and expanded. Money is the engine that keeps everything running in the building game.

make money in anno 1800

Maintaining and expanding your civilization will make your bank balance shrink. In order not to go bankrupt and to keep your balance, you have to continuously collect money. If you don’t, your civilization will collapse faster than you can say “Game Over”.

If you don’t have money, you’re incapable of taking any actions and the industrial revolution will soon turn into your capitulation. If your account balance deteriorates, you should earn money quickly.

How to make money in Anno 1800

1) The population as a source of money

As in real life, the citizens of Anno 1800 pay taxes. If you take care of their needs and keep them satisfied, you’ll farm a lot of money. Meeting their needs means that you give them what they need to work and generate money. I

f you fulfill their wishes by providing them with appropriate consumer goods, you also collect taxes. Both aspects account for 50 percent of your tax revenue.

Besides, taking care of your citizens triggers a positive domino effect: If they’re happy in your city, word gets around and new residents settle in the houses. Each of them is a small money machine, so you should take their needs and wishes seriously.

2) Upgrading houses and earning even more money

Make sure you occupy your houses to the maximum and satisfy the basic needs of the residents. If you do that, you can bring them to the next level by upgrading their houses.

Farmers, for example, become workers. The higher the people’s level, the more money you’ll earn from them. While a farmer will earn you 4 coins, a worker will earn you 21.

However, keep in mind that there are consequences to simply luring masses of peasants into your city. Once you reached 1000 farmers, you will have to pay the so-called royal taxes. If you flood your city with farmers without upgrading them to workers, you will end up making a loss.

3) Improving your balance through trade

To sell your goods to other AI players, you have to cultivate your relationships and thereby improve your diplomacy. You will be rewarded with trading rights that allow you to sell goods.

4) Selling ships improves your cash flow

Do you want to earn a lot of money? Then sell some of your ships. Like your goods, you can sell them to other AI players. Once your ship has entered the harbor, select it and click on the $ symbol. Now you will receive an offer.

Your fellow players generally pay a fair amount of money for ships. Use this chance especially if you need a lot of money quickly. But only sell those ships you don’t need yourself. Otherwise, your trade will come to a halt and you will lose money.

5) Saving royal taxes

If one of your population groups reaches a population of over 1000, the king will reach out his hand and demand taxes. This can be very expensive.

Use the tax-free borders and upgrade your houses as soon as possible after reaching these borders. This will save you the royal taxes and you will also have residents that bring in more money.

To encourage you to upgrade your population, the tax rate increases less with each level. For example, 2000 workers pay less tax than 2000 farmers. The limit of 1000 people applies per island.

Especially at the start, it is therefore recommended to build small cities on different islands. A metropolis quickly exceeds the threshold.

By the way, the maximum tax rate is 40 percent and is set at a number of 6000 farmers.

6) Selling goods from the warehouse

You can sell surplus goods from your warehouse to other AI players. Since selling is done automatically in Anno 1800, you can easily generate money while playing. Select the goods and decide how many of them you want to turn into money. The price is determined by the game, so there is nothing you can do to influence it.

When selling your stock, not only the taxes and the income from trade come in handy. It also clears your warehouse so that new goods can be produced. Besides the warehouse, you can also manage your goods and resources through your trading post.

7) Buying island shares

You have explored the map and discovered your fellow players’ islands? Excellent! Foreign lands in Anno 1800 prove to be a nice way to earn extra money. If you buy island shares, you get a share of the profits.

To purchase a share, you take a look at the according island. Click on the circle. It consists of five shares. Each of them has its own price and generates different amounts of income. Choose your desired share and buy it. In the long run, this will have a noticeable positive effect on your income.

You can also buy all the shares of an island but this is very expensive. Keep in mind that your fellow players won’t rejoice over you buying shares of their islands. You should know this if you want to work primarily on your diplomacy.

8) Fake news bring real money

It may not be the finest English way, but spreading fake news in Anno 1800 is worthwhile. If you influence the population through targeted newspaper articles, you can change their consumption behavior.

If you manipulate people with words, you can generate additional income. This is good for your bank account but less good for your reputation. Keep in mind that the citizens may buy more, but in the worst case will get angry. Digital people don’t like to be ripped off either.

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