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Let’s Bring Back Cheat Codes to Single-Player Games on Consoles

  • from PLITCH
  • 15.12.2023

A long time ago, on a game console far, far away and by now probably stowed away in the back of our fathers’ closets, the key to enhanced console gameplay is gathering dust. Do you remember it? The legendary Game Genie which shifted the balance of power back to the gamers allowing them to add lives, power ups, or modify gameplay as they saw fit.

The device sat between the game cartridge and console where it intercepted and ultimately modified memory locations. In other words, it made it possible to enhance gameplay by providing cheat codes.

PLITCH works much the same way but for PC. It monitors games and adjusts their variables in real-time. Unlike the Game Genie, PLITCH works with over 3,800 single-player titles. Of course, protective measures have been taken to ensure the prevention of cheating in multiplayer modes. 

Our software enables gamers to get the most out of their single-player gaming sessions, especially when personal as well as professional responsibilities keep them occupied, resulting in limited leisure time.

By using cheat codes to tailor a game to one’s needs, gaming is guaranteed to be fun since players decide themselves which codes to activate. This grants them full control over their experience and lets them eliminate time-consuming repetitive gameplay, tedious downtime, and unnecessary frustration. We even offer hardcore codes in case an extra challenge is sought out. 

To put it briefly, there are PLITCH codes to enhance the overall gaming experience for every type of gamer no matter their needs. Why not provide console players with the same freedom PLITCH offers PC gamers? Consoles are notoriously closed and therefore provide controlled, unmodifiable experiences.

But what if they were, well, less controlled? What if we trusted gamers to navigate console games on their own terms just like on PC, in particular since we already know that modern games can be impossible to complete without grinding and Internet research? 

With PLITCH on consoles, players could explore their game library with a few extra tools at their disposal which would transform their playtime into an entirely fun-filled experience without any annoying and unwanted game features to deal with. After all, games are played to have fun, not to get bored or rage quit.

Happy Gaming!