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Cyberpunk 2077 Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

The most extensive and ambitious role-playing game from CD Projekt Red (The Witcher, Thronebreaker, Gwent) Cyberpunk 2077 impresses with a huge open world, different storylines, and action-packed gameplay.

However, as extensive as it is, it is just as complex. This means great challenges and many opportunities to make mistakes, especially for beginners. We’ll give you important Cyberpunk 2077 tips and tricks so that you’re off to a good start in the game.

1) General Cyberpunk 2077 tips and tricks

Life path tips

The distinction between Nomad, Street Kid and Concerned have no influence on the build or playstyle you’re aiming for. It is much more important to identify with the life path, especially since the impact in the game itself is rather minor.

Tips for earning more Eurodollars

An excellent source of income are the quests. The same applies to NCPD offenses, by the way. However, the Eddies should not be spent indiscriminately. You should, if possible, spend your money at the Ripperdoc on new implants.

Tips on skill points

Specialize, because you can’t master all areas. It also makes sense to save your advantage and attribute points for now. The only exception to this rule is the ability “Recycling“.

2) Cyberpunk 2077 Combat Tips

In Cyberpunk, not only the comprehensive story is in the foreground, but also the combat and the weapons. In the following, we at PLITCH will give you an overview of the different combat methods and weapon options you can use in the action role-playing epic from CD Projekt Red.


As soon as you enter an enemy area, you can move “in the shadows” and attack crouched from behind. Enemies taken out this way won’t be able to alert others and you’ll remain undetected.

Quick Attack

If you want to proceed slowly and with caution, you’ll rely on the stealth strategy. But it is also possible to proceed quickly, just like in the various romances in Cyberpunk 2077.

Accordingly, you can wreak havoc like Keanu Reeves in “John Wick”. Various weapons are available for this purpose, which provide decent penetrating power regardless of cheats or codes from PLITCH.

Close combat

This form of combat is excellent for taking out opponents. Because V is fast and agile and can do a lot of damage with light blows. If you also have a glowing katana in your hand, you’ll have a lot of fun.


Apart from that, there is of course hacking. Here you rely on your cybernetic enhancements to attack, distract or disable turrets of enemy units.

Even Easter Eggs, keys, and mods can be found or used this way. In addition, the combination of hacking and stealth attacks can be carried out without killing the opponents.

It should not be forgotten at this point that, apart from the options mentioned here, there are also situations in which it is advisable to act morally correctly and not simply eliminate opponents without any sense or reason.

3) Cyberpunk 2077 Weapons Tips

The action role-playing game also has quite high demands on the system used in the Collector’s Edition. This is not only evident in the release problems that were encountered, but also in the combat.

Because aside from the combat strategy, you need a lot of weapons to see all the endings or to experience the game time in the best possible way.

Likewise, weaponry plays a role for those who want to change their appearance and create a special look with outfits. Accordingly, there are a large number of weapon types that can be found, bought and discovered in Cyberpunk 2077.

In addition, it is possible to modify them with mods. Furthermore, the dystopian action role-playing game offers the option to develop weapon-based abilities.

A general classification of the weapon types can be made into blades, pistols, rifles and shotguns – as in various games of this kind. The weapons’ value is also divided into common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. With the possibility of crafting, iconic weapons can still be added.

Simple weapons

Here you can find mainly the simpler and normal types of weapons. As a rule, their base is gunpowder, as in the case of the M10-AF or the Lexington pistol. This also includes the Carnage, a shotgun or the Constitutional Arms Unity pistol. Some of these weapons inflict physical or chemical damage in addition to the actual damage.

Fast and Small Cyberpunk 2077 weapons

This category includes types of weapons that are fast and flexible in use due to their compact form. They aim automatically or shoot high-frequency volleys.

Here you’ll find the SMG G-58 with target tracking as well as self-guiding missiles or the TKI-20 Shingen submachine gun. Things get interesting when special ammunition is used to take out enemies sitting behind cover.

Power weapons

This type of weapon combines high speed with maximum firepower. Armor-piercing, magnetic-powered, or hard-hitting like the Blunderbuss shotgun or the Tsunami Nekomata, a semi-automatic sniper rifle.

Close Combat

Close combat weapons are resorted to, especially in fights in confined spaces or surprise ambushes. In addition to classic knives, there are also exotic weapons like the Thermal Katana.

In addition to modifications, the blade offers enormous heat to melt even steel. Weapons designed for melee are perfect for striking nimbly and surprisingly.


Weapons can be customized and should match the play style. The following attributes are of importance:

  • Damage per second – DPS
  • Damage per shot – damage
  • Rate of fire – Attack per second
  • Additional chemical or physical damage

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