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Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Factions Guide

  • from PLITCH
  • 05.03.2024

In the strategy action RPG Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, you’ll explore the continent of Calradia and expand your kingdom through wars and territorial expansions. At the start of the game, you’ll choose one of six cultures for your character, and you won’t be able to change your mind. Here is our Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Factions Guide to help you decide which faction to join.

1) Aserai

The Aserai culture in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is based on the Arabian tribes. Their tribal color is yellow and their leader is Sultan Unqid. They predominate in the south of Calradia and build their buildings and castles mainly on sand.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Factions Guide

They use fast horses and camels for transportation and wear light armor due to the heat of their territory. In addition, the archers of the desert tribes, who also move on horseback, are exceptionally strong.

Their caravans allow them to trade exceptionally well, making them the best faction for traders in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord. The culture bonus makes caravans 30% cheaper to buy and reduces the trade disadvantage by 10%. However, the culture bonus is only worth it if you’re fully focused on trade.

Since there are only two points of access to the rest of the world, in the west and the east, the Aserai territory is particularly well protected against expansion attempts by hostile factions. However, this also makes your own expansion more difficult, and travel to other cities takes a long time. You may also have problems with desert bandits if you’re at a low level.

2) The Calradic Empire (Northern, Southern, and Western Empire)

The once vast imperial Calradic Empire is on the verge of collapse. It stretches north (purple), south (indigo), and west (purple-red) and is now led by three different rulers, all of whom want to take over after the emperor’s death. For you as a Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord beginner, this culture is excellent because you can help resurrect the empire. The Empire is very reminiscent of the Roman Empire and the later Byzantine Empire.

Some of the faction’s greatest strengths are the incredibly strong infantry unit and the Imperial Cataphract, which is the strongest and heaviest cavalry unit in Bannerlord. The culture bonus gives you a 20% reduction in the construction time of various construction projects, such as machines, buildings, or walls.

On the downside, you don’t have your own staff weapon unit, and you have to fight against the other Imperials during the current civil war. Also, you’ll be facing your enemies right from the start, so you’ll be involved in combat right away.

Nevertheless, this Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord faction is very easy to play compared to the other five and, as already mentioned, suitable for beginners. If you want to get up to speed relatively quickly, this is the culture for you.

3) Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Factions Guide: Sturgia

The warriors of Sturgia live in the forests north of the Calradic Empire. They are especially tough and fierce and could be called Vikings in our world. The Sturgia are also inspired by the Slavic and Nordic peoples. Their leader is Prince Raganvad and the tribe’s color is blue.

When the Calradic Empire lost its power in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, it conquered the north of the empire. Similar to the Azerai, this culture had to adapt to extreme weather conditions and nature. For example, the territories of the Sturgia are usually covered in snow and therefore very impassable.

This makes it difficult for enemies to invade Sturgia’s territory in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord. Also, their borders are very manageable, which makes them easier to defend and guard. In addition, the faction has strong infantry units for defense, and the culture bonus gives them a 20% reduction in the snow speed penalty, which can give them a decisive advantage in an attack. You can also use the infantry units in a shield wall.

One of the weaknesses of the culture is that the culture bonus is only really worth it in Sturgia, as you won’t find snow elsewhere. In addition, their ranged troops have very limited abilities, as do their horsemen. In addition, the noble troops don’t really excel in special abilities. If you want to avoid the other races and put a lot of emphasis on infantry, the Sturgia tribe is perfect for you.

4) Battania

The Battania are located west of the Calradic Empire and east of Vlandia. They resemble Celtic tribes and their leader is Caladog. Their color is green and they rule the highlands of Calradia. They were once a very large people and their domain covered almost all of Calradia, but they have been pushed back to the northwest.

They have some weaknesses in melee combat, but they have very strong archers. When playing against them, you’ll often need to be very tactical and avoid positional warfare at all costs.

The Battanians’ greatest strength in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is their elite unit, the Battanian Fian. It contains the most powerful archers in the game. In addition, the culture bonus gives you 10% less speed loss in the forest, and the fact that many of the units carry several different weapons makes them very flexible and able to adapt well to new situations.

On the downside, the infantry is weak and therefore inferior in positional warfare. The faction’s soldiers are also lightly armored, which is a major disadvantage in close combat. To join Battania and lead the culture successfully, you’ll need to have a keen eye for tactical decisions and strategy choices. If you’re a fan of the guerrilla fighting style, this tribe is also recommended.

5) Khuzait

The Khuzait are the rulers in the east and are very reminiscent of the Asian tundra peoples like the Mongols or even the Huns. Their leader was Monchug Khan, who reunited them but died, and their tribal color is turquoise. They want to conquer new cities and lands.

Similar to the Aserai, this Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord culture relies on cavalry and horses. Therefore, they are considered to be an equestrian people. Their archers and spearmen are particularly strong, and recruits can be improved. As with the Aserai, you should always be on the lookout for bandits.

Note the strong mounted divisions and the exceptionally strong archers. The cavalry’s speed increases by 10% due to the culture bonus.

The light cavalry requires a tactic of attack and immediate retreat, and you still have limited infantry options. In addition, the horsemen are very vulnerable if they lose their carried weapons, and sieges are nearly impossible due to the poor infantry. This Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord faction is best for you if you like to avoid battles and are a fan of riding, or if you want to be around horses a lot.

6) Vlandia

Vlandia’s sphere of influence in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord stretches to the west and its culture is inspired by the Franks. Their leader is King Derthert and their tribal color is red. From the beginning, they have a relatively large territory on the west coast of Calradia. Their melee and cavalry divisions are considered very strong.

In the past, the Vlandia were mercenaries hired by Calradia to put down rebellions and hostile races. In return, they received mostly land. After some time, however, they founded their own empire, which is considered to be the most modern and youngest in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord.

If you join the Vlandia faction, you will receive 20% more experience in combat due to the culture bonus. The Vlandia sharpshooters are considered the strongest crossbow force in the game, and noble troops become banner knights. These are heavy cavalry divisions. In the beginning, you have to take care of the empire only, and in addition, almost all units have staff weapons, which are effective against cavalry.

Your heavy infantry is comparatively weak and there’s a lack of shields for your soldiers. Crossbows take a long time to reload in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, which reduces the effectiveness of your attacks. You should join the Vlandia if you like to fight with stick weapons as well as cavalry and you want to take advantage of the starting bonus that will give you an advantage throughout the game.

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With the help of these tips, you should be able to find the faction that suits you best. Besides, it’s a lot of fun to discover and improve the game on your own. However, if you are too impatient, the game is too hard for you or you simply don’t have enough time to play – then use our Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord cheats!

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