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No Man’s Sky Base Building Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

When version 1.0 of No Man’s Sky came out, gamers around the world were pretty upset – for a good reason. The game looked unfinished and there was far too little to do. In the meantime, however, the scope has increased extremely and one of the highlights is the possibility to create your own four walls.

In our No Man’s Sky base building tips and tricks on, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily create a homey retreat on an alien planet.

1) What do you need a base for?

Next to your spaceship, your base in No Man’s Sky is the safest place on the planet. In your base, you are shielded from cold, heat, poison, and other environmental influences and you can recharge your hazard protection as well as your shield.

Since the Next update, it’s possible to build a base in which you can store resources and do research. You can also try your luck at farming, invite other players into your home, and scan the planet for structures. In total, you can build up to 400 bases throughout the universe in the game.

2) No Man’s Sky base building: choose a location

Of course, the location of your base in No Man’s Sky is especially important. While you can change the terrain with your terrain manipulator, we still recommend that you look for a flat area where you can easily land and spread out.

Before you place the base computer, you should scan the surroundings for resources. It’s best to settle in a place where you can quickly reach copper, silver, or gold deposits and where you won’t be disturbed by dangerous fauna.

Also, consider the future energy supply. In the beginning, you can build within a radius of 300u around your base computer. This radius can be extended up to 1000u by placing objects like batteries or silos at the edges of your base area.

By the way, it doesn’t have to be a planet you build on. Even moons are habitable and you can build bases on them, from which you have a wonderful view into space. You can even construct your home underwater with the right components.

3) How do you build a base computer?

Within the No Man’s Sky mission series “Artemis Path“, the second quest is “Alone Amidst the Stars.” Once you reach it, you can build a base computer. This happens relatively early in the game, right after you complete the quest “Awakenings.” For this, you just need to find your ship, repair it and follow the signal in space to contact Artemis.

Once the blueprint for the base computer is unlocked, you’ll need 30 units of chromatic metal. With this in your inventory, you can craft and set up the base computer via the build menu. You can either buy the metal at a trading terminal or generate it from copper or other raw materials via a portable refiner.

4) Editing the base

If you hold down the left control key in the build menu, you can edit your base in different ways. You have two options to choose from. With the delete function, you can remove built objects and either get back the used materials or the object moves as a whole into your inventory.

In No Man’s Sky, you can build without hesitation and see what your objects and building units would look like. If you’re not satisfied, simply move them somewhere else without loss. However, you should always make sure that there are enough inventory spaces when you delete them so that the raw materials also find their place. Otherwise, they will be lost.

Use the material function in No Man’s Sky to assign textures to the surface of your objects. You can choose between wood, rust, concrete, and stone. Once the texture has been selected, you go to the color palette. Here you can choose from 16 different primary and secondary colors. These visual changes are free of charge and can be made as often as you like.

5) Tearing down the base

To tear down an existing base in No Man’s Sky, you must delete it. On your base computer, you’ll find an extra function for this. The components that make up your base will then be added to a base salvage capsule and can be restored by you. Reasons for the deletion are for example an unfavorable location or the fact that you have reached the base limit and want to relocate.

6) How do you get blueprints?

You can get blueprints in several ways in No Man’s Sky. The basic plans are given to you when you complete missions. Even the tutorial quests will give you a wide selection. Through employees, you unlock additional tasks, at the end of which more blueprints are waiting for you. To do this, build the construction terminal and staff it with a Gek. He will assign you an extensive number of tasks.

However, you’ll find the largest pool of blueprints in the anomaly, where you can trade salvaged data for base blueprints. The best way to go about collecting plans is in the following order: First, complete the main tutorial missions, build terminals, hire employees and complete their tasks. Finally, complete your collection in the anomaly.

For all these steps you need salvaged data. It’s buried everywhere on every planet and moon. Just scan your surroundings to display them in the HUD and then use the terrain manipulator to make your way to them.

Salvaged data in No Man’s Sky is also hidden in abandoned alien bases, old structures, containers, and capsules. You also get some by shooting down pirates in space.

Before the Beyond update, the data was called salvaged technology and was less important than it is now. But as base building increased tremendously in scope and got new features, its relevance increased.

7) Staff and terminals

The next point of our No Man’s Sky base building tips and tricks concerns your terminals and their employees. As mentioned earlier, the first thing you should do is build a construction terminal and staff it with a Gek. The next step is a weapons terminal where you’ll employ a Vy’keen. For the terminal, you need 40 units of chromatic metal and 25 units of pugneum.

The third step is the exocraft terminal. You can get the blueprint as part of the Base Computer Archives quest series. You can hire any mechanic to use it. There is also the agricultural terminal, for which you need to recruit a Gek, and the science terminal, which you get during the Overseer mission.

To be able to sell and buy items independently from a space station, you can also build a galactic trade terminal. No employee is needed for this.

8) Expand your storage

Inventory space is your most important resource in No Man’s Sky. Your spaceship and your suit unfortunately offer only limited space. So that you don’t reach your limits, you should regularly expand your storage with storage containers.

You get the blueprint for this from your supervisor. Each storage container offers you 20 additional inventory slots, each of which has twice as much capacity as the slots in your spaceship.

In total, you can build 10 containers and thus unlock 200 extensive inventory slots for your raw materials and items. You can access them from every base and your freighters.

You can color the containers so that you don’t have to search for them unnecessarily and so that they can be visually distinguished from each other. You can also name them so that you know from the outside what is inside.

9) Which resources do you need and for what?

Virtually all basic components can be made from the resources of the planets. The basic ones are ferrite, carbon, dihydrogen, dioxite, and metals. Each raw material can be refined through refiners. For example, compressed carbon is produced from carbon, and chromatic metal is produced from metals such as copper, silver, or gold.

Carbon is usually required for the processing of elements. The more valuable the substance, the greater the ratio. So, you should always have large quantities of the basic raw materials with you if you want to build a base.

In total there are more than 50 different elements that can be found in No Man’s Sky. The above-mentioned are found on every planet, so you can always craft fuel for your spaceship or charges for your hazard protection, even in emergencies. Elements like uranium or pyrite, on the other hand, can only be found in special places.

If you scan a planet in space, its dominant elements will be displayed without you having to land. By the way, you can also collect metals and ferrite in space by shooting at boulders. They will automatically be added to your inventory, and besides, this way you will also get geodes, which sometimes contain valuable or rare substances.

10) Other No Man’s Sky tips

To help you build your bases faster, we have a few additional tips for you. Build a teleporter on each of your favorite planets. With it, you can travel to space stations that you’ve already visited as well as to your other planets – even in distant star systems – at any time. Note, however, that it needs electricity to function.

It’s also a good idea to build atmosphere harvesters. They permanently extract raw materials from the air without your intervention. And speaking of air: With oxygen harvesters, you farm precious oxygen if your planet offers no or only little oxygen-containing flora or fauna.

By the way, you should choose star systems for your bases that contain at least 5 or 6 planets. This way you will always have a large supply of different resources.

To get the most out of your base, you shouldn’t do without decorative items. These not only make a room beautiful but usually serve a practical purpose as well. Your buildings don’t always have to be near the base computer, either. Use your spaceship to test where you can land everywhere to determine favorable hotspots.

How can PLITCH help you with base building?

The universe of the space game is almost infinite with its 18 trillion planets. With our No Man’s Sky base building tips and tricks, you can still create familiar places and retreats. However, a well-equipped base costs a lot of resources, and farming raw materials is time-consuming and tedious.

So that you don’t have to stand around for hours with your mining laser or stop in the middle of construction because you’re missing a substance, PLITCH’s No Man’s Sky cheats will help you. For example, you can add Units and nanites to buy the missing part when needed. You can also set the security level to 0 so that you can safely mine valuable material in places that are heavily guarded.

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Happy Gaming!