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No Man’s Sky Weapons Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

In the open-world game No Man’s Sky you mine minerals, scan the environment and shoot enemies. And you do all this with just one tool: the multi-tool. So, there’s no classic weapon switching like in other FPS games.

In our No Man’s Sky weapons tips and tricks, you’ll learn all about weapon technologies and how you improve your multi-tool with modules that unlock various types of weapons and ammo.

1) No Man’s Sky weapons: technologies & upgrades for beginners

Which functions (mining, dealing damage, terrain modification, etc.) your multi-tool performs depends on its (pre-)installed modules. You can have several of them equipped, depending on the multi-tool’s value, but you can only activate one. So, if you suddenly encounter guards while mining resources, you’ll have to manually switch to a weapon module.

Many different modules enhance your multi-tool in different ways. The higher level your multi-tool is, the more modules you can install on it.


The Boltcaster is the classic assault rifle in No Man’s Sky. However, in the sci-fi setting, you shoot with energy bolts. It is used in combat against alien life forms or aggressive fauna. Against guards, on the other hand, it does little damage.

You’ll find the appropriate blueprints to craft the module very early. You also need isotope elements (e.g. carbon) to power the weapon.

Beam Intensifier Sigma

There’s no getting around the Beam Intensifier as an aspiring space pioneer. The module noticeably boosts your mining beam. Resources and elements end up in your inventory much faster after the upgrade.

Beam Focus Sigma

The beam focus is the upgrade of the Beam Intensifier. With this module, your mining laser will cut through terrain and rocks like warm butter.

Reload Accelerant Sigma

Simple but effective, the Reload Accelerant shortens the reload time of your Boltcaster. More shooting, more damage, more loot.

Plasma Launcher

While the sci-fi assault rifle is available very early in the game, the futuristic grenade launcher is a bit of a wait. You must first have researched the Land Disruptor technology to gain access to the Plasma Launcher.

Once you install the module, an alternate fire mode for the Boltcaster is available. The plasma grenades explode when they hit the ground or enemies, dealing AoE damage.

2) How to add new weapon modules

Crafting and installing new modules is very simple. In most cases, you don’t need a workbench or anything similar. On the other hand, new modules always require raw materials, which can be very rare depending on the complexity of the upgrade. For the mentioned beginner modules, however, minerals that you’ll find on every planet are usually sufficient, namely iron and plutonium.

Open your inventory and select the editing interface of the multi-tool. You’ll see all free slots that can be modified by clicking on the gear icon.

Select your desired module from the list of possible technologies. In addition to a short description, you’ll also find the minerals needed to produce it. If you meet all the requirements, then briefly press the button of the module. The finished upgrade will appear in the previously free slot of your multi-tool.

You may notice that your standard multi-tool has very few free slots. This means that you won’t be able to install too many weapon upgrades with it. Therefore, as the game progresses, you’ll get not only new module technologies but also multi-tools with much more slots.

3) Pimp My Ship

For your spaceship, the same rules apply when it comes to upgrades and modules. In the spaceship inventory, you’ll find slots for weapon and shield systems in the second row of slots. If you move the cursor over the slots with the gear icon, all the technologies you can use there will appear.

In the beginning, you’ll work with two weapon systems: the phase beam and the photon cannon. It’s worth equipping the phase beam early in the game. With this laser, you’ll destroy galactic boulders and enemy spaceships. At the same time, the phase beam also collects minerals and other materials while you shoot with it. Handy, because you’ll never run out of fuel on the way.

The photon cannon, on the other hand, is the standard weapon of your spaceship. It shoots projectiles, not lasers. It does less damage and is not suitable for mining raw materials. On the other hand, its use generates less heat.

To get the most out of the photon cannon, install the modules Accelerated Fire Tau and Cannon Damage Tau. They increase the firing rate on the one hand and the damage done per projectile on the other. Together, they turn your ship into a small star destroyer.

4) What are the best multi-tool weapons?

As you progress through the game, you’ll gain access to many more weapon systems for your multi-tool. Solve puzzles, visit space stations, and interact with aliens – all these actions can reward you with blueprints for new modules.

We’ll introduce you to eight interesting weapons that you can use in No Man’s Sky besides the Boltcaster.

Plasma Launcher

Although you unlock the Plasma Launcher early in the game, there’s nothing to stop it from being effective. The AoE damage is very high and the cost of crafting and powering it is low. Grenade launchers are just always great.

Scatter Blaster

Another iconic weapon genre that shouldn’t be missing in an FPS game is the shotgun. In No Man’s Sky, the corresponding counterpart bears the name Scatter Blaster. When you shoot, eight projectiles are fired, which scatter widely similar to a shotgun. That’s why this technology is used in close combat or against large hordes of enemies.

Paralysis mortar

The Paralysis Mortar is a relatively new weapon in No Man’s Sky’s arsenal. With the Mortar, you’ll stun enemies so that they become incapacitated. With upgrades, you can increase its effectiveness by letting enemies take damage while they’re paralyzed.

Blaze Javelin

Besides the assault rifle and shotgun, there is of course the sniper rifle. If you prefer to take out your enemies with deadly single shots from a distance, the Blaze Javelin is your best bet. It deals the highest damage of all multi-tool weapons. In return, there’s a longer waiting time between shots.

Neutron Cannon

Metroid fans will quickly become fond of the Neutron Cannon. Like Samus Aran’s power beam, this weapon can be charged up to fire a devastating shot. The damage is so high that whispering eggs are destroyed with one volley.

Geology Cannon

Declare war on nature on alien planets in No Man’s Sky with the Geology Cannon. This powerful weapon shoots plasma projectiles that explode in contact with the ground. What remains is a huge crater that can serve as an entrance to hidden cave systems. Unlike the Terrain Manipulator, the Geology Cannon also does a lot of damage to enemies.

Pulse Spitter

The Pulse Spitter is something like a machine gun in burst fire mode. Each shot fires three projectiles in quick succession. However, the spread is limited. The Pulse Splitter is suitable for killing flying fauna that is difficult to hit with other types of weapons.

Animus Beam

Opinions are divided when it comes to the Animus Beam in No Man’s Sky. Some see the weapon as a useless waste of slots, while others appreciate it for extracting “Fragmented Qualia” from fauna. Apart from that, however, this technology can’t do anything (yet).

How can PLITCH help you with your weapons?

Is your No Man’s Sky multi-tool overheated yet? The topic of improvements for weapon systems is very complex. In the beginning, however, the normal Beam Intensifier and the Boltcaster are completely sufficient. Therefore, let the game slowly introduce you to the new modules.

If you don’t have much time to play or maybe you’re creating a new savegame, PLITCH can give you a little boost. With a total of 30 No Man’s Sky cheats, we’re at your side on your galactic exploration tour. PLITCH gives you unlimited ammo without reloading with just a few clicks. Overheating and reloading won’t be a problem for you anymore!

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Happy Gaming!