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No Man’s Sky Money Making Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

From intergalactic dishwasher to millionaire in No Man’s Sky: So that you don’t have to travel the galaxies with a rickety spaceship for a long time, we reveal the most important No Man’s Sky money making tips and tricks so you can earn money quickly and effectively.

1) What do you need money for in No Man’s Sky?

Even in the vastness of the galaxy of No Man’s Sky, you can’t live on air and love. To make the intergalactic hustle and bustle between the countless planets in the system much easier, you need money.

You can use the so-called Units at all trading locations to buy a new ship and better technologies, improve your items, and acquire more things at the local space stations.

2) How can you earn money in No Man’s Sky?

There are several ways to earn money in No Man’s Sky, which you can use to buy new spaceships, gear, and upgrades. We’ll tell you the best options to increase your wealth.

The classic item sale: supply and demand determine the price

Selling goods is not only a traditional way to earn money in the world of No Man’s Sky. The basic law of the free market economy also applies here: demand and supply determine the price.

Accordingly, you get the most money for items in high demand. The latter always depends on the respective space stations. You can always find the latest information on this at the terminal of the space station you are on.

Intergalactic buying and selling: become a space scalper

If you have enough money, you can become a space scalper in the galaxy of No Man’s Sky. What is frowned upon in the gaming world when selling limited consoles and graphics cards, is okay in these intergalactic spaces – it’s only virtual, after all.

If your account balance exceeds 100,000 units, you can buy goods in the hangar for less and sell them at exorbitant prices at the terminal. Of course, this is especially worthwhile for items in high demand.

Look for precious metals

In the virtual expanses of numerous games, farming raw materials is already one of the traditional ways to make your in-game money. So, it’s not surprising that this is also possible in the popular science fiction game from Hello Games.

In No Man’s Sky, you can get rich by mining precious metals. You’ll get them from mining resource deposits with the help of a terrain manipulator. You don’t need to worry about acquiring it since you’ll unlock it by completing your first missions.

For one copper unit, you get 120 Units, for one gold unit 350 Units. You don’t need the by-products; you can simply destroy them.

No Man’s Sky money making tips: Farm gold and emeril

Ideal for farming are planets with high occurrences of gold and Emeril – the most valuable precious metals in the intergalactic trading locations of No Man’s Sky.

To be properly prepared for the farming mission, you should empty your inventory slots at a trading post beforehand. Here, rid yourself of everything that you don’t immediately need for farming and that you can part with. You should keep a certain amount of plutonium, titanium, and zinc for your multitool, life support, and shields.

Now farm either as much gold or Emeril you can carry (Emeril can be found in green-gold glittering resource deposits) and then sell it back at the nearest trading post.

Go in search of exotic items as a jetpack adventurer

You’ll get plenty of Units for exotic items like albumen pearls, vortex cubes, and gravitino balls. You’ll find these on worlds with a high guard alert and in extreme atmospheres. You’ll usually encounter high occurrences in caves.

Similar to farming precious metals, you should start here with empty pockets so that there is plenty of room for valuable pieces.

But be careful: a high guard alert means that the guards will always follow you closely. So that they don’t catch you, you should make use of the jetpack sprint and jump.

Become an intergalactic Indiana Jones

If you want to take on the role of an intergalactic Indiana Jones, you can go in search of artifacts and recover them. You’ll find artifacts on certain planets and locate them with the help of the analysis visor as soon as you get within a short distance of them. Ruins and artifact sites are also common locations.

The value of artifacts is always determined by their rarity and doesn’t depend on where they are sold. For high-value artifacts, you can get up to 2 million Units. More common artifacts are also displayed as a resource when scanning the planets, so it’s not too hard to find them here.

Earn money in No Man’s Sky: Other options

Besides the tips and tricks already mentioned, there are a lot of other ways to earn money in No Man’s Sky. These include scanning previously undiscovered creatures, plants, and minerals. These count as discoveries, for which you’ll be rewarded with Units as an interstellar explorer.

Another way is to interact with various devices in alien monoliths.

Of course, completing missions should not be missing from the job list. Here, not only units but also nanite piles, items, trade goods, or even blueprints can be earned.

In the star empire of No Man’s Sky, there are also pirates who seek to conquer space instead of the seas of the world. There’s a bounty on fugitive pirates that will make you the sheriff of the galaxy and will reward you richly. When shooting down pirate ships, they also often drop Emeril.

You can also earn money through effective agriculture. Combine the substances from the harvest and get high-priced trade goods.

In the command center, you can send freighters on missions with different difficulty levels and earn money if they turn out to be successful. During the missions, you’ll usually also receive trade goods, precious metals, or alloys.

3) How to earn nanite clusters

Besides Units, nanite clusters are another important currency in the game. With them, you can buy upgrades to improve your space station, exosuits, and multitools. They also give you samples for making your own upgrades.

You earn nanites by scanning and uploading the flora and fauna you have discovered with the scanner. This is one of the easiest ways to earn nanite clusters in the game.

It is also worth interacting with the creatures on the different space stations and outposts. You will sometimes be rewarded with nanites for a nice conversation.

Some of them are looking for a helping hand and will assign you to missions, which can also provide you with nanite clusters. Of course, you also get nanite clusters by trading with extraterrestrial creatures.

Is there an easier way to earn units and nanites in No Man’s Sky?

Our tricks and tips should give you a good basis for getting started with the game. But you can’t wait to become a Unit millionaire or find farming and looting too tedious and difficult? Then take a shortcut and use PLITCH’s No Man’s Sky cheats!

After you’ve activated the cheat preparation, you can start adding Units and increasing nanites right away. In addition, you can also increase your mercury inventory and edit Units in a matter of seconds. And let’s face it, who among us wouldn’t like to get rich by pressing a button in real life?

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