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Starfield Weapons Guide: The Best Weapons

  • from PLITCH
  • 22.01.2024

Bethesda’s space adventure not only features interesting quests but also fluid and dynamic shooter gameplay. In our Starfield weapons guide, we show you which weapon is the best in each category, and what you need to know about crafting and modding.

1) The best weapons

The best pistols

One of the best pistols in Starfield – the Keelhauler – can only be obtained by doing something illegal. Actually, it’s not a good idea to venture into United Colonies airspace with contraband on board. However, you should do it once and get scanned. As expected, there will be a bounty on your head. But what you wouldn’t expect is that a series of quests will start at the same time, during which you’ll receive the Keelhauler.

starfield weapons guide: keelhauler

The Keelhauler is a ballistic weapon and can’t be made. The way we just described is the only way to get it. It’s a legendary variant of the Magshot. It has an accuracy of 70.1% and a rate of fire of 140.


The second pistol we recommend is the Deadeye. To get it, all you have to do is talk to Marshal Blake in Akila City and tell him you want to join the Freestar Collective. It is your welcome gift, along with the matching uniform. Its accuracy is 68.9% with a fire rate of 12.

Best rifles

Let’s move on to the rifles. Let’s start with the Vampire’s Gift. Follow the UC Vanguard sidequest to the Hostile Intelligence mission. Before you go to Londinium, talk to Lt. Azevedo at the base. He has the rifle in his inventory. The special thing about Vampire’s Gift is that your enemies will drop medipacks more often.

Vampire’s Gift

Completing the main quest will give you another useful rifle. Once you’ve successfully completed All That Money Can Buy from Walter Shroud, the Fiscal Quarter will be your reward. Although you can’t craft it, you can’t miss it in the game. With an accuracy of 73.5% and a fire rate of 180, it’s one of the most powerful weapons in Starfield.

Unrestrained Vengeance

The best laser rifle is undoubtedly the Unrestrained Vengeance. Although it can be found during the main quest, just like the Fiscal Quarter, you have to do something optional to get it. In the High Price To Pay quest, you have to bring the hunter’s HP bar down to zero and kill him. Afterward, when you return to your ship, you’ll receive the Unrestrained Vengeance. This is a unique variant of the Orion.

The best heavy weapons

In the heavy weapons category, we recommend the Reckless Bombardment grenade launcher. You can get it in the same way and from the same vendor as Vampire’s Gift. Its modifications include a scouting laser sight and it has a crippling effect. This means you’ll do 30% more damage after attacking limbs.

Heller’s Cutter

Next, we have the Heller’s Cutter. Funnily enough, the energy weapon is already there when you start the game. However, you can’t add it to your inventory right away. First, you have to transfer the artifact to Constellation. After that, simply go back to Vectera and get the Heller’s Cutter from her chest. It deals four energy damage per hit. Its accuracy is 76.7%, and you can get the most out of it with the help of the Laser skill.

Best particle weapon

When it comes to particle weapons, we definitely recommend Eternity’s Gate, which lives up to its promising name. In fact, it’s the best weapon in our entire Starfield weapons guide. However, there’s only one way to get your hands on it. Before the main mission, Revelation, you must join The Hunter. Once you eliminate the Emissary, the Eternity’s Gate will be yours.

Eternity’s Gate

Its damage is both physical and energetic and consists of 17 + 50 hit points. Its accuracy is 81.6% and it uses heavy particle fuse as ammunition. It’s a unique variant of the Va’ruun Inflictor.

The Best Shotgun

In our opinion, the best shotgun in space is the Experiment A-7, which you can get in the main quest Entangled. Ask Ethan for help during the mission and then convince him to give you the weapon.

Experiment A-7

It’s the unique version of the Breach shotgun and does a whopping 119 damage. It holds six bullets and fires with an accuracy of 50.6%.

The best melee weapons

In the melee section, let’s start with the Tanto. This Japanese short sword can be purchased from many vendors in Starfield and, pun intended, impresses with its high attack speed. In addition, the Tanto deals a relatively high amount of damage with 40 hit points.


Another recommended melee weapon is the Last Priest. You’ll get it during the main quest when you join the Hunter and complete his side mission. It’s the unique version of the Va’ruun Painblade and deals 62 points of physical damage. It also has the added effect of dealing optional elemental damage.

2) Starfield weapons guide: Weapon mod tips

Let’s talk about mods. They allow you to customize your weapons to suit your play style. For example, you can switch between semi-automatic and full-automatic, or add a scope or silencer. Mod slots are divided into the following categories:

  • Barrel
  • Muzzle
  • Optic
  • Grip and Stocks
  • Laser
  • Cover
  • Magazine and Battery
  • Receiver
  • Internal

Weapon mods can be found in places such as loot from defeated enemies, looted crates, and loot from side missions. They can also be bought from vendors and crafted. Only one mod can be used per slot. You can’t have more than five mods at the same time.

You use mods by installing them into your weapon via a workbench. Note, however, that a mod will be destroyed if you remove it at any point. You can restore it later, but you’ll need the materials to do so.

3) Weapon crafting tips

To upgrade weapons in Starfield, you’ll need a Weapon Workbench in your outpost. It works similarly to the armor crafting bench. First, choose what you want to craft. If you have the necessary resources in your inventory, you can craft the item directly. If you’re missing something, you can activate a locator. If you press the appropriate button, the materials you need will be marked with a blue magnifying glass.

At the beginning of the game, the selection is very small. If you want to craft weapons of higher difficulty, you’ll need to upgrade your skills. To do this, go to a research lab – you’ll find one in the Lodge of New Atlantis, for example – and secure level 2 weapon technology. This will allow you to craft new weapons and mods.

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