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12 Starfield Tips and Tricks For a Good Start

  • from PLITCH
  • 18.01.2024

The space Skyrim has finally arrived and is dividing people. If you’re looking for Elite Dangerous or No Man’s Sky à la Bethesda, you won’t find it. But if you like well-written quests in a sci-fi setting, you’ll get your money’s worth. In our Starfield tips and tricks, we’ll show you the basics to get your space adventure off to a good start.

1) What is the best background?

Of course, Starfield is an RPG in the tradition of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. After creating your character, you choose your background. This not only affects story events like a visit from your parents with gifts (no joke, that really happens) but also gives you a special skill set.

Basically, you can’t go wrong at first. Each set has its pros and cons and is suitable for playing through the game in all its facets. For the beginning, however, we recommend an all-rounder. With “File Not Found”, you start with the skills of Wellness, Piloting, and Ballistics. The Beast Hunter is also interesting. They have Fitness, Ballistics, and Gastronomy.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your preferred play style. If you prefer to deal with conflicts with words instead of weapons and get good prices in trade, the Diplomat is ideal for you. If you’re more of a trigger-happy type, we recommend the Soldier.

2) UC Vanguard is a good starting faction

As usual with Bethesda, the main quest in Starfield leaves you alone very quickly and it’s up to you to explore the game. As a beginner, it’s advisable to join the UC Vanguard faction in New Atlantis. You’ll find their building in the MAS district. You can’t miss it because of its size and colorful banners.

It’s not very realistic that you’ll be accepted into the UC ranks very quickly. But this has its advantages. After all, the quest series they have in store for you will familiarize you with space combat, teach you the basics of the Starfield universe, and there’s good money to be made for completing them.

3) Starfield tips and tricks: Traits can be removed

At the beginning of Starfield, your character can be equipped with traits, which make them multi-layered in addition to backgrounds. These traits usually have both advantages and disadvantages. “Dream House” will give you the dream house of the same name, but you’ll be in debt to the bank and have to pay money every week.

“Hero Worshipped” gives you a companion who adores you. But he can quickly get on your nerves, just like Mud in the first Gothic. Fortunately, traits can be reset if you’re tired of them. However, you can’t do this from the menu, but only from the NPCs. For example, if you’ve chosen religious traits, you’ll have to go to a cleric to deactivate them.

4) What should you do first?

After you’ve played the tutorial and gotten your ship, it’s not necessary to follow the main story right away. Take your time with Starfield and do some side quests or missions first. That way you can get valuable items and money and level up. By the way, there is no level cap.

We had our best hours with Starfield when we turned off the quest marker and just let ourselves drift. Visit one of the big cities – Akila City, New Atlantis, etc. – and walk around. – and walk around with your eyes and ears open. There are quests, large and small, around every corner, and there is always something to discover.

In 2011, the so-called “Skyrim effect” became a common term. This refers to the fact that you want to complete a quest, but you experience so many things along the way that you forget why you set out in the first place. In the future, this will probably be called the “Starfield effect”. Because it’s the same here. Don’t try to just work your way through space. You’ll have the most fun if you go deep into the world and literally play your part in it.

Things change when you reach the city of Neon in the Volii solar system. This is where the story really picks up for the first time after the introduction, with special abilities awaiting you in addition to mission progression. Nevertheless, the motto remains: If you’re interested in something off the beaten path, go ahead and explore it.

5) How to land faster on planets

There is no manual landing in Starfield. But you don’t always have to go to the planet map to visit a place. Just switch to scanner mode. The possible landing points will then be displayed, and you just have to aim at your destination to initiate the landing with a keystroke. Cities with multiple landing points are an exception. For those, you need the star map.

By the way, if you want to jump from one system to another, you can do so by aiming in scanner mode, and even on the surface of a planet, you can use the hand scanner to jump directly to your spaceship.

6) These planets are worth it

With over 100 solar systems and more than 1,000 planets, one of our most important Starfield tips is prioritization. Only about 20 cities are relevant to the story. Exploration can also be effectively limited. Before you initiate a landing, look at the planet’s characteristics. If it falls into the barren category, you can save yourself a visit.

Barren planets have nothing more to offer than abandoned mining outposts, but won’t provide you with interesting NPCs, quests, or valuable loot. If you do end up on one (for example, because a quest leads you there), at least you can explore it quickly and sell the collected data to a vendor later.

7) You should collect these items

Like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls games, the inventory in Starfield isn’t limitless. In fact, it’s quite scarce, considering that almost everything you find can be collected. So you’ll have to carefully consider what to take and what to leave in each location. After all, it’s no fun to run to a vendor every few minutes to sell nearly worthless furniture, junk, and other odds and ends.

What you should always take with you are medpacks trauma packs, or anything that will help you regenerate your health. There are also heals for status effects such as poison or burns, and increases to passive bonuses. You don’t have to worry about ammunition, either; you’ll want to collect everything you can equip your weapons with.

Speaking of weapons: It depends. Keep in mind that you’ll only get a fraction of the price you see in your inventory from the vendor. The value of a weapon can be increased by abilities and traits. Weapons can be very heavy. It’s important to consider whether you really want to take a heavy weapon that won’t do much good.

This question is even more important when it comes to clothing. Suits and suit parts will quickly fill up your inventory. So it’s best to only take what you’re going to use actively, or what will fetch the highest possible price at the vendor. What you should definitely stay away from are items like plates, trays, and anything that doesn’t have a description. The funny thing is, if you collect them anyway, you’ll have to listen to some uncomprehending comments from your companions.

8) How do you get rid of your bounty?

Actions have consequences. If you steal from someone in Starfield and get caught, if you play pirate and hijack ships, a bounty may be placed on your head. This will always apply to the faction that was harmed by your activities. Five different bounties can be placed by the major factions.

Since you can basically join any faction and experience their quests, it’s recommended that you stay on good terms with them. If you fall out of favor with a faction, go to a settlement that doesn’t belong to that faction, go to a terminal, and buy your way out. This doesn’t apply to spacers, of course. They’re your enemies for the entire game.

9) Use the cargo hold of your ship

In addition to your spaceship’s inventory, you can also use the cargo hold to store items in Starfield. You should always refill it when you return to your ship. But it’s not infinite. Conveniently, you can sell its contents to the merchant via the menu. So you don’t have to transfer your cargo to your suit before talking to the NPC.

starfield tips and tricks: use the cargo hold

You can access the management of your cargo space either by interacting with the console in your ship’s cockpit or by opening the ship’s menu. To move items in the latter, you must be in the same zone as your ship. By the way, decorations and items that are standing or lying around in your ship also count as cargo space.

10) Upgrade your ship

Space dogfights in Starfield can be challenging, and your travel speed is also a limiting factor. The shipbuilders you’ll find in almost every major city can help. You can upgrade your flying machine for credits. This will allow you to make more grav jumps and visit more distant systems.

In addition to weapons and shields, you’ll also increase the capacity of your cargo hold, and later you’ll even be able to hide contraband. Once you have multiple ships, you can also change your home ship in the mod menu from the shipbuilder. This is necessary if, for example, your current ship has become too small and you want to add another crew member. For larger ships, however, we recommend that you unlock the Flying skill first.

11) Use your scanner

Your scanner is a useful tool in many ways. For example, it makes all objects in your field of view glow. This allows you to quickly determine where loot is and what’s worth a closer look. Your scanner also acts as a navigation system. When it’s on, red arrows appear on the ground to guide you to your next destination.

This can save you a lot of time and frustration in Starfield, especially when you’re navigating complex buildings, space stations and outposts, or other intricate structures. Combined with your jetpack, you’ll be able to move quickly around the game world. You can also use scanners for fast travel.

The only condition: You must have visited the location in question before. For fast travel to work, it’s also necessary that you’re not in combat and that you aren’t overloaded.

12) Loot tips

As mentioned earlier, you should always consider what loot to take and what to leave behind in Starfield. Being overloaded will not only affect your speed but also your oxygen consumption. However, there is a trick you can use to grab extra loot. Simply talk to one of your companions and place the items of your choice in their inventory.

Of course, if you want to sell the items later, you’ll have to transfer them back to your own inventory or cargo hold first. In the meantime, you’ll have free item capacity. The item color tells you the quality of the loot: golden yellow means legendary – definitely take it! – and white means a normal find.

When entering controlled areas, make sure you don’t have any contraband on you. Items taken by pickpocketing don’t count. When selling, it’s important how much money a merchant has. Offer them only what they can pay. If they run out of credits, it can take up to 48 hours to replenish them.

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